On January 25, the 200th Day of Girl’s Day, they announced the Official Korean Fanclub name to be DAI5Y/DAISY. They opened it up to the fans in Korea to suggest names and out of those names Daisy was chosen to represent Girl’s Day fans.

Daisy means humbleness, beauty and innocence.


We realize that previously Girl’s Day International Fans were called Diamonds. Achel and I have always been dedicated Girl’s Day fans and it has always been our wish to be united with Korean fans under one name. From this day forward we will be known as DAI5Y, since it is the official name for Girl’s Day fans. We realize this is our personal view and you may wish to make the change along with us or not because that is your choice. We look forward to supporting Girl’s Day alongside our fellow K-DAI5Y fans. 2011 is a big year for Girl’s Day and their fans; let’s do all we can to support and love Girl’s Day together.


Thank you, girlsdaydaily

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