Kwon Soon Wook (Metaoloz Director/BoA’s brother) mentioned Girl’s Day Daily in his cyworld post.

걸스데이 데일리, dai5y
디씨인사이드 걸스데이 겔러리 (정전겔 되지않기 ^^)
멤버 팬페이지 등등 많은 분들이 노력해주신 덕분입니다

Summary: They thanked Girl’s Day Daily for supporting Girl’s Day alongside DC GsD gallery, Dai5y and other fanpages.

Metaoloz production staff are aware of Girl’s Day Daily. How awesome can that be!? haha ^^


Source: metaoloz (X)
special thanks for Deer (Dcgallery) & Sen
Summarized By: sen@girlsdaydaily

2 comments on “[PICS/TRANS] 110328 Metaoloz Production (BoA’s Brother) Cyworld Update (Thanked GDD and other fansite)

  • yepp, BoA brother (Kwon Soon Wook) it’s the guy in no.1 pic. He’s the music video director :)
    and i think, he’s the one too who directed nothing last together mv.

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