Girl’s Day is releasing a remake of Fin.K.L’s Blue Rain on the 27th. It’s part of the 20th anniversary CD of song writer Shin Insoo. The article also says the song will be faster and will feature rapping parts as well.

Make sure to check out the original song as we await the release of the remake of Fin.K.L’s Blue Rain.


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2 comments on “[NEWS] 120812 Shin Insoo 20th Anniversary Album Featuring Girl’s Day

  • Listened to Blue Rain by Finkl.

    I’m curious how Mr Shin will take that slow relaxed pace song for GsD. Ok Juhyun’s parts seem very hard, lower key or key change maybe? Anyway I can’t wait XD

    Everyday Girl’s Day~

  • I have a good feeling about this song. A faster beat like TT could be what it might sound like. I’m excited!!!

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