{TRANS/ARTICLE}140715 Starcast: Girl’s Day’s Trip to LA – Darling Photoshoot


“Every day darling~ day!”
Girl’s Day has appeared. But they are different from usual. There are no sexy items that were seen on stage. Their fashion code today is jeans. They have stuck out their tongues here. 
They are all excited. Now! Where are Sojin, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri going?

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[PIC/TRANS] 140717 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update + Girl’s Day @ Cultwo Show

Minah’s Twitter Update

찬우오빠가 준 브이라인팩 정말 잘쓸게요♡♡ 유라언니 혼자… 떡으로 팩하려구요?크크 떡보유라


Sleepy’s instagram update w/ Girl’s Day



Cultwo Show twitter update


Translation: Coming Soon!

Source: Minah’s Twitter, Sleepy’s Instagram, leehyeri_TH’s Twitter