[PICS/TRANS] 140414 Girl’s Day Sojin Twitter Update

#Venice beach #LA즐기기시작헤헤

#걸스데이#김태우#LA열린음악회 꺄악~~~~~~~ 꺄악~~~~~~~~~오늘하루우리가 좋아하는 김태우선배님이랑,
Translation: #GirlsDay#KimTaeWoo#LAOpenConcert Kyak~~~~~~~Kyak~~~~~~~~~ Today, we’re spending it with the Kim Taewoo sunbaenim we like


Source: Sojin’s Twitter
Translated By: Mony

[PIC/TRANS] 140406 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update

일본팬미팅 끝~~~~~~~~!!!! 오늘 많이 많이 와주셔서 정말 감사해용♡ 알라뷰우우우우우~~~~~~~~~^^ 고기 많이 많이 먹어야지 후후♥
Translation: Japanese fanmeeting ended~~~~~~~~!!!! Today, many many people came, so I’m really thankful♡ I love you~~~~~~~~~^^ I ate lots of meat too hoohoo♥


Source: Hyeri’s Twitter
Translated By: Mony

[PIC/TRANS] 140326 Koo Dong Hyun & Girl’s Day Minah @ Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

Note: Koo Dong Hyun is Nine Visual’s CEO and stylist. He has previously worked with Girl’s Day for their ‘L’Officiel Hommes Korea’ photoshoot. Girl’s Day will be featured in the May issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.


생각보다 길어진 촬영. #걸스데이 모두 기진맥진. #민아야 지켜주지못해 미안.. ㅋㅋ 그래도 #걸스데이의 4인4색을 기대하시라!! 5월 #코스모폴리탄 짜짠!!!
Translation: The shoot went longer than we thought it would. Girl’s Day are all completely exhausted. Minah-ya, I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you.. keke Anyway, please look forward to the four distinct colors that the four members of Girl’s Day will be showing!! In the May issue of Cosmopolitan!!!


Source: koodonghyun
Translated By: Shirina

[TRANS/ARTICLE] 140319 dongA: Girl’s Day with Dreamcon’s Kim Youngkyu

In January an article was released saying that after the success of ‘Something’ Girl’s Day were now the promotional models for seven brands, including Dreamcon contact lenses.


Dreamcon’s Kim Youngkyu took part in a photoshoot with the idol group Girl’s Day, who are the exclusive promotional models for the brand, at a studio in Shinsadong on the 18th. (photo courtesy of Dreamcon)

Female idol group Girl’s Day have signed a two year contract worth hundreds of millions of won. (T/N: Equivalent to hundreds of thousands of US dollars.)


Source: donga.com
Translated By: Shirina

[PIC/TRANS] 140319 Show Champion Twitter Update – Girl’s Day & Various Artists

Artists: Kim Shinyoung, Super Junior Shindong, Ailee, Dynamic Duo Gaeko, B1A4, Girl’s Day, T-ara Eunjung and f(x) Amber.

BjFY_h9CcAAaPLY.jpg large

쇼챔피언 100회 생방송 현장! 아카데미 시상식 부럽지 않은 스타들과 함께하고 있습니다^^ 무한 RT 고고!!!
Translation: On location at the live broadcast of Show Champion’s 100th episode! These stars feel no envy towards the Academy Awards^^ (T/N: This photo is a playful take-off of Ellen’s infamous celebrity “Oscar Selfie”.) Please RT go go!!!


Source: @showchampion1
Translated By: Shirina

[TRANS/ARTICLE] 140319 Starcast: Girl’s Day – Behind the Scenes @ Sudden Attack Fanmeeting

Note: Girl’s Day’s Nexon Sudden Attack mini concert and fanmeeting was held on 140315.

[STARCAST] Girl’s Day we used to know?…”Twist in Something that we did not get to see so far”


♪ To shaking facial expression and speech ~ It looks like you have something

From somewhere, a familiar song is heard. It is one of the verses in Girl’s Day ‘Something’. It looks like Girl’s Day is on the stage. The moment when we hurriedly opened the door…. Un, un, un, unbelievable incident. They are not Girl’s Day we used to know. The skirt? Instead, it is training outfit. Kill heels? They are wearing sneakers.

There’s such sides? Everyone is very surprised, right?

☞ Every day hot day, we will proceed after looking at Girl’s Day’s twist in the charm!

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