[PIC/TRANS] 140824 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update

진짜사나이 기다리는중…. 엄청 떨립니다ㅎㅎ 다들 티비앞에 계시면 본방사수 해주시기를 부탁드리겠습니다!!!!!!!!!!! 엠비씨고고고!!!! 아우 떨려>_<
Translation: Waiting for ‘Real Man’…. I feel really nervous haha I’m asking you to stay in front of the tv and watch the broadcast!!! MBC go go go!!! Aw i’m nervous>_<


Source; Hyeri’s Twitter
Translated by: Achel

[PIC/TRANS] 140824 Girl’s Day Sojin Twitter Update

좋은일에 도움될 기회 준 2am창민에게 감사. 저는 기부로 함께하겠습니다. 작은 희망에 조금이라도 도움되길 바래요*
Translation: I thank 2AM Changmin for the opportunity to do good things. I’m going to join by donating. Even if it’s just a little, I hope the donation will support the cause*


Sources; Sojin’s Twitter Sojin’s Instagram
Translated by: Achel