[PICS] 141121 KStar Fanfest: Girl’s Day “Everyday” Mini-Concert in Singapore


Girl’s Day successfully held their first solo concert in Singapore! The Kstar Fanfest press conference was held before the concert. Girl’s Day posed for photos with HE Suh Chung-ha, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea and Mr. Chua Wee Phong, Chairman of Sphere Exhibits. During the concert, Girl’s Day held events and spent time with fans during a Hi-Five session.

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Courtesy Of: KStar FanFest

[TRANS/ARTICLE] 141119 Sales of Neoguri Ramen Skyrocket Thanks to the Charm of Girl’s Day’s Hyeri!


[Min Kyungjong for Jose Ilbo] Nongshim, the makers of Neoguri ramen, have announced that since starting their ad campaign featuring Hyeri of Girl’s Day, sales have increased almost 50% in just one month.

They also stated that yearly sales of Neoguri have exceeded 100 billion won (approximately 90.5 million US dollars) and it is now ranked 4th among domestic ramen brands. The company called the sudden jump “unprecedented”.

According to Nongshim, in the month after Hyeri’s ad campaign began, sales of Neoguri at three major domestic supermarkets totalled 3.3 billion won (approximately 3 million US dollars), a 45% increase over the previous month’s revenue.

They stated: “Hyeri has been the catalyst for explosive growth in sales of Neoguri. Due to the combination of this “Hyeri effect” and winter being the peak season for udon ramen like Neoguri, we expect sales to rise even higher as we near the end of the year.”

The hot reaction can also be seen online. Hyeri’s TV commercial for Neoguri is currently gaining popularity on YouTube, and as of the 19th, it and Hyeri’s movie theater ad have received a total of 1.53 million views. Netizens have left over 500 comments, such as “I’ve always liked Neoguri, but now because of Hyeri, I like it even more”, “I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen the commercial; I can’t get enough of it. How is it possible for her to be that cute?”, and “I have to go buy some Neoguri so I can eat it too”.

Nongshim additionally stated that the character hooded blanket Hyeri wore in the commercial has caused a craze among women in their teens and twenties, with the company receiving questions and comments like “Where can I buy the hooded blanket Hyeri wore?” and “The hooded blanket is so cute”.

To continue the upward trend of Neoguri sales, Nongshim plans to roll out various marketing on platforms such as Facebook and Kakao Talk toward the middle of next month.

Source: joseilbo.com
Translated By: Shirina

[PIC/TRANS] 141107 Girl’s Day Yura Twitter Updates



다안찍힌게있어도 이해주세요♡♡

Translation: Tada!! Thank You very much ♡♡♡
I couldn’t take a picture of all of them, please understand ♡♡
Thank You once again!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Mwah

Source: https://twitter.com/Girls_Day_Yura
Translated By: GsDTuna