ISPlus – Daily Sports Interview “Everyday~ Girl’s Day~” No matter how you look at it, 2014 was the year of Girl’s Day. From “Something” at the beginning of the year to “Darling” in the summer, Korea became completely captivated by the group and with just a whisper, the entire country fell under their spell.… Read More


Fans reported on January 20th that Sojin along with other artists were spotted filming Running Man in Incheon. Today it was confirmed that Super Junior Ryeowook, Beast Dongwoon, Infinite Dongwoo, 4Minute Sohyun, Girl’s Day Sojin, BTOB Minhyuk, Teen Top Niel, and VIXX N were filming for an idol special. The special will air as a… Read More

SBS Tory Tory – Story behind Story Interactive Site “앙~! 로빈 원츄!! ♥” – 민우정 우정이의 습작노트 – 자작시 제목 : 로빈느님 당신의 얼굴은 ‘별에서 온 그대’ 당신의 목소린 ‘K팝star’ 당신의 마음속 ‘그것이 알고 싶다’ “로빈느님이 있는 곳이라면 LTE급 속도로 고고!” Translation: “Ang~ Want you Robin !! ♥” – Min Woojung Woojung’s study note –… Read More


Girl’s Day Hyeri revealed that she talks about acting with the fellow Girl’s Day members. Hyeri attended the press conference for SBS’s Jekyll, Hyde, Me on January 15 at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong in Gangnam-gu and brought up the Girl’s Day members, who are promoting as actresses as well. Hyeri said, “Everyone works… Read More