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Donations will be used to fund Girl’s Day support projects. When possible we will combine events into one project to make better use of donations and resources. If there are any donations remaining after the project, it will be set aside and used for future projects.


Project donations are never used towards site and server maintenance. However, donors at times have specified that their donation go towards maintenance of GDD; otherwise all costs are covered solely by the Girl’s Day Daily team.


Girl’s Day Daily and its supporters can be proud of all our accomplishments. A success for Girl’s Day Daily is a success for you, our fellow DAI5Y and donators, since Girl’s Day recognizes Girl’s Day Daily as their fans from all over the world. It was with your help that our previous projects were a huge success! We have been able to buy a lot of nice gifts for the girls and at times we have participated in charities and donated in Girl’s Day’s honor. We are excited about future projects and we look forward to planning it with your help and suggestions.


Exclusive Benefits:

Donors will have their own section in the Project Message Books to write their personal messages to Girl’s Day.

When possible there will be exclusive giveaways for donors.



Paypal, Debit & Credit Card:

You can donate directly from this site by using the paypal tool.

If you have paypal, you can send in your donation to:


Tammy’s Paypal, she is handling GDD’s support project: SSO~BBANG~HYEL Birthdays, Girl’s Day Comeback + 6th Anniversary Support!
Note: You may send the funds in USD or other currency, depending on which you would prefer.

gddprojects[at]gmail[dot]com Send as a gift or friend and family option. (This will help us to avoid paypal fees. Although, sometimes the fees are unavoidable due to different paypal guidelines, such as international transactions or currency exchanges.) ||


Cash, Check or Money Order:

If the two methods above are not an option for you and you want to help, we have an option where you can mail in your donation. Western Union or a bank transfer may also be an option.

Contact Tammy for more information here:


After you donate, please leave a comment below by filling out the form. This is to ensure that all donations are credited properly.



Method of Payment: (Paypal/Other)

Date: (The date when you sent in your payment.)

Twitter: Optional but if included we will add you to our GDD Donors Twitter list.

Amount: Optional

We thank you for your support and continued love for Girl’s Day!

Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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