Girl’s Day prepared a message for daisies at the press conference for Dream Tea Entertainment and Arion Entertainment Singapore (formerly Elektromotive Group). Girl’s Day wished everyone a Merry Christmas and told fans to wait just a little longer for their comeback, assuring us it will be worth the wait! Special thanks to Flame Communications and… Read More

All fanarts from fans (Korean and International will be posted here) If you can draw or make things like this? You are more than welcome to post it here as well just leave it in a comment :)   ^ can you guess? :p credit: clickhere… Read More

[Translations are rough and may contain errors.] 걸스데이는지금서래마을이에요~후후오늘스케쥴다끝나고밥먹고커피숍간만의여유네요^^ Translation: Right now, Girl’s Day at Sorae town~ Hu hu Today’s schedule is done as well as eating, so now we’re enjoying our free time at Gangnam coffee shop^^ (?)   //added   [Translations are rough and may contain errors.] 소녀들은휴식후다시안무실이랍니다^^ Translation: After the break, the girls… Read More

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