[PREVIEW] 101230 We Are Dating EP 04 Preview (FUN!)


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6 thoughts on “[PREVIEW] 101230 We Are Dating EP 04 Preview (FUN!)

  1. SooRa!! I love them I love them!!
    They are too cute to be true XD
    Cannot wait to watch the full episode ^^
    Thanks so much for sharing^^
  2. I’m definitely looking forward to this episode! It seems like Minah is wearing the glasses that Xander gave her in episode 2. :)
  3. uwaaaa!!!!
    jihae-eli couple very romantic! can’t wait for this couple :)
    minah-xander couple always funny! i’ll be laughing out loud!
    yura-soohyun couple look so mature :) love them all!
    thanks fr the posting <3

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