[PIC/TRANS] 110730 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update with Girlsdaydaily Gifts

오랫만에 사진! 사진!! 오늘도 무사히 무대를 마치고 올라가고 있습니다!!!!! 서울 도착 예정시간..3시 ㅠㅠ매니저님 힘내세요 화띵!!!!!!!!
Translation: First pic in a while! We’re on our way to back after safely finishing our stage today also!!!! Expected time of arrival at Seoul.. 3 o’clock (AM?) T.T Just a bit longer, Manager. Hwaiting!!!!!!!

(As you can see the monkey socks we gave them is in the picture along with VS tote :)) Yay proof selca!)


2011 half year project: (SOCK MONKEY) (VS BLACK WHITE TOTE)


Source: hyeri’s twitter

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