[PICS/TRANS] 121225 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Updates

씬나는 크리스마스는 멤버들과 함께ㅎㅎ 이 많은 케이크는 언제 다 먹지…..? 하하하~~ 모두들~~~ Happy christmas~♡
Translation: An exciting Christmas with the members ㅎㅎ When else will I be able to eat this much cake…..? Hahaha! Everyone~~~ Happy christmas~♡

데이지 짱!! 헤라 짱!!!!ㅋㅋ 여러분 진심으루 고맙습니다~~^^ 모두 크리스마스 즐겁게 보내구계시길 바래요!! Merry christmas~~♡0♡
Translation: Dai5y are the best!! Hyeri is the best!!!! ㅋㅋ Everyone, I am sincerely thankful~~^^ I hope you spend your Christmas joyfully!! Merry christmas~~♡0♡


Source: Hyeri’s Twitter
Translated By: JW@girlsdaytrans

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