[TRANS/ARTICLE] 140319 Starcast: Girl’s Day – Behind the Scenes @ Sudden Attack Fanmeeting

Note: Girl’s Day’s Nexon Sudden Attack mini concert and fanmeeting was held on 140315.

[STARCAST] Girl’s Day we used to know?…”Twist in Something that we did not get to see so far”


♪ To shaking facial expression and speech ~ It looks like you have something

From somewhere, a familiar song is heard. It is one of the verses in Girl’s Day ‘Something’. It looks like Girl’s Day is on the stage. The moment when we hurriedly opened the door…. Un, un, un, unbelievable incident. They are not Girl’s Day we used to know. The skirt? Instead, it is training outfit. Kill heels? They are wearing sneakers.

There’s such sides? Everyone is very surprised, right?

☞ Every day hot day, we will proceed after looking at Girl’s Day’s twist in the charm!


“Going blank with Adidas”


“The outfits are like this~and that~Why are you being like that”


“The casual clothes that I did not know of~ Something”


This is the rehearsal site of ‘Something’ that could not be seen anywhere else. It is also the casual clothes version. Where is such a rare item recorded from? It is the Girl’s Day fan meeting site in Daehakro Arts Center in Hongik University on March 15th. Why check out this DST gifts by LNO Greek shop her for more stunning clothes for women!

Meeting with the fans in a long time, they also did the rehearsal thoroughly. It is the dance move that they repeated for hundreds and thousands of times but still the nervousness and excitement are exchanged. But something that still does not change is…. Even when they have no exposure, no kill heels, and not wear make-ups, the fact that Girl’s Day is still sexy.

Should we enjoy a little more of the casual clothes version? These are ‘Expectation’ and ‘Female President’.


“Woo, woo, woo, woo~ looking forward to the fan meeting”


“I am going crazy because of you, you”


“Ddara ddara ddaddara ddara”


“We are mind of men president”

☞ The twist, is this it? There was also ‘Something’ in the waiting room. Starving stomachs due to a rehearsal, did they fill it with ‘A drop of water’? No, their behaviors with a twist were endless.

There was no such thing as trying to look naïve to ‘Girl’s Day’. Sojin fiercely tore the ketchup and Yura launched an attack on the members’ hamburgers and presented an ambitious eating broadcast. Minah and Hyeri attacked high calorie potato.


“Let’s eat fiercely” (Sojin)


“Today is eating broadcast day” (Yura)


“This flavor is what I call something” (Minah)


“I go blank after poking the tongue~” (Hyeri)


They filled their stomachs. Are they feeling good? Minah came closer. She diligently made the heart with her hands. Of course, ‘Dispatch’ replied by taking pictures consecutively. Should we take a look at those pictures?

Girl's Day

“Heart is here” (Minah)


Now! They started getting ready for the performance. The outfit for this fan meeting is pink exposed dress. It is a different kind of charm from the casual clothes, right? The members busily moved in front of each of their mirror.

‘STARCAST’ cannot hold back curiosity. They started examining each member in detail.


First, it is Yura. In one word, she is ‘Mirror princess’. She was almost one with the mirror. She also fixes the make-up herself. She especially paid attention to lips. She thoroughly applies the thick color from inside to outside. It is the tip of having clear and thick lips.


“Woo, woo, woo~ sexy”


“Keep looking at my eyes”


“Should I try taking a picture?”


Are you guys curious about Hyeri’s waiting room? It will be shown right now.


Where did ‘Adidas’ girl go? A sensuous young woman was standing. The part that Hyeri paid the most attention to was doing her hair. She puts effort into making the curl stay still. It is said that Hyeri’s short hair is popular in hair shops these days, right? Remember to use the spray in moderate amount.


“Spray it slightly at the end~”


“Wear the kill heels~”


“Should I do some stretching~”

Minah’s waiting room is spectacle, wait no, stretching~.


Minah’s beautiful body shape, it was not something that she was born with. It is the result of making efforts. First, she applied the oil on the legs and made them shine. It was the secret of shining just by itself. Afterwards, she focuses on stretching. A doll body? It depends on how a girl manages her body.


“The legs are shining?”


“Flip flop stretching”


“Either cutie or sexy”


“Minah is also ready to go”

Last but not least. How about the oldest member Sojin’s waiting room?


Sojin’s mature beauty is getting out of control. When she put her hair behind the ears, a sensuous beauty can be also felt. After that, she picks up the microphone. She prepares for the performance by professionally attaching the tape. She is also an expert at applying the make-up. Cat eyes are completed just with one mascara~.


“A microphone is important”


“Because I am professional”


“Inner eyelids, one by one~”

Finally. They are all ready to go.


“Girl’s Day all ready to go”


“Wait for us!! My fans~”

Hold on right here, we will show the fans of Girl’s Day.


Everyone see the signs of various colors, right? There was even ‘Daepo Namshin’(A male fan who is holding a camera, fan vocabulary). Something that is much more impressive than that was guys ‘Singing altogether’. When the song started playing, they shouted “Something”, “Something” with coarse voices.

Girl’s Day replied to the shouts with hit song medley.


“Something is starting~”


“Modest backs”


“Female President, sing it together~”


“You kiss me first~♪”


“Our country’s president also~”


“Why so serious~”


Is it over? The event time with the fans, it would be not possible to leave this part out, right?


Girl’s Day turned into shooters. It is to shoot a gun towards the dart board. ‘Hug the fan’, ‘Grant a wish’ and ‘Dance together’ and so on were written. The posture of shooting the gun, it is pretty good right? It is the pose that can even be compared to Angelina Jolie.


“Shooting Day, go~” (Yura)


“I want to film Tomb Raider” (Hyeri)


“Jolie, will you please give in?” (Sojin)

The best shooter is Minah. Is she aiming for throwing the first ball instead of the movie?

Girl's Day

“You guys, I want to throw the first ball~”


It is not over yet. A point out talk time continued. It is called Girl’s Day diss battle. We could see their honest sides. That gossip, we will reveal a little bit of it.


Q. Who is the member that eats most well?

A. There are two eating rivals. They are Yura and Hyeri. Not long ago, they played a food fighter game to see who eats faster and more. Hyeri won. She is the real food fighter. (Sojin)


Q. Is there a member in charge of comedy?

A. There are also two people. It is hard to choose. Yura vs Hyeri, it is so close. Yura has a lot of body comedy. Her life is a sitcom. Hyeri is someone who creates laughter with the words. Whenever she opens her mouth, we burst out~into laughter. (Minah)


Q. Who is the member that has the most interesting sleeping habit?

A. Unanimous vote to Yura! Last time, I used a double story bed with Yura. While she was sleeping, she suddenly went “Lalalalalalala~” and was singing. Her sleep talking is incredible. I am surprised every time. (Sojin)


Q. Who is the member that most often acts cute?

A. The oldest member in our team, Sojin. It is not that she acts cute. But her speech itself is full of cuteness. She calls me “Yura jjing~Yura jjing”. (Yura)


Q. Who is the member whom before and after applying make-up is most different?

A. Unanimous vote to Hyeri! I will explain this part. I have a dark skin and when I apply make-ups, it becomes white. The fans ask me what happened. The truth is, it is all make-up effect~(Hyeri)

The member who received the most number of votes on this day was Hyeri. She won Triple Crown. An eating god, charge of comedy and even in charge of make-up effect in Girl’s Day. The youngest member with honest charms, she got dissed for real by other members.


“Why is it only me~” (Hyeri)

☞ Now then, last but not least, we will reveal Girl’s Day’s twist day highlight. The funny faces of hottest trend idol, it will be not able to look~ at it if it wasn’t for ‘STARCAST’. Please enjoy.


“I am gonna destroy it”


“Their weirdness that nobody knew~”


“But you guys are still going to love us, right?”

Written by = Kim Su Ji•Kim Hye Won(Dispatch)
Pictures = Lee Seung Hoon(Dispatch)


Source: news.naver.com
Translated By: star.naver.com

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