[PICS/TRANS] 171103 Girl’s Day Minah Instagram Update

D-day 6PM
[Other way] – 11° 방민아
마지막까지 커버사진으로 고민했던
내 최애 사진
Translation: Today at 6 PM KST, my solo digital single “Other Way” will finally be released
When I was deciding on the cover photo, I went back and forth in my head, and hesitated until the very last minute
THis is actually my favorite picture from the photoshoot

힝… 저 이름 방민아로 바꿔주세요…
Translation: Hmph… please change the artist name on my solo single from “Minah of Girl’s Day” to “Bang Minah”…


Source: @bbang_93
Translated By: Shirina

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