[PIC/TRANS] 171103 Girl’s Day Yura Instagram Update

방구민아 #11°
오늘 ‘6시’ 음원공개~~💕
요즘 날씨랑 너무 잘어울리는노래*
많이 많이 들어주세요~~~♡
빵민아 대박나자!!!♡♡♡
Translation: Fart Minah’s solo digital single comes out today at 6 PM~~
It matches perfectly with the weather lately
Please give it lots and lots of love~~~
I hope it’s a hit, Bread Minah!!!

(T/N: Yura is calling Minah “Fart Minah” and “Bread Minah” because the Korean words for “fart” (“banggu” / “방구”) and “bread” (“bbang” / “빵”) are very similar to her family name (“Bang” / “방”).

Minah: If my comeback flops, it’s your fault, unnie
Yura: ?????????


Source: @yura_936
Translated By: Shirina
Thanks To: @queensgsd

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