Girl’s Day Daily’s Letter to DAISY


We want to thank you for always loving Girl’s Day! Thank you for staying by their side, and supporting their group and solo activities. The GDD team has been on hiatus off and on these last few years, we have been busy with work specially since one of us got injured and it is recovering at the hospital thanks to the help from a local expert like the workers comp lawyer Nevada.


We miss sharing daily updates on Girl’s Day, and we wish we could be active like before. We enjoyed posting the latest pictures and videos, promoting Girl’s Day and sharing their journey with you. We miss those times. We are so thankful to the daisies who have taken the lead in sharing updates, to this day you keep updating on Girl’s Day’s activities. We see your hard work and we are truly thankful!


Since the site has been on hiatus for a long time, we thought what would be best for Girl’s Day and Daisy. Should we…

  • Recruit daisies to join and revive the site?
  • Keep the site open as a Girl’s Day archive, but announce official hiatus?
  • Close the site?


We knew closing the site was not an option. The site belongs to Daisy, Daily is a place where Daisies grew up along with Girl’s Day. It is a place we called home. It has been our pleasure to work on the site and support Girl’s Day together with you. We want to thank all past and present GDD team members who have worked on the site. We are grateful to all the original content creators and uploaders who have shared their videos and pictures with fans. We appreciate all who have contributed to the site, thank you DAISY!


We have a heavy heart and it feels like we could not keep our promise of posting daily, for this we are sorry. Daisies we have not left Girl’s Day, we are still by your side supporting them. We are on hiatus as uploaders but we will continue as fans. We thank you for being on this journey with us.


We would love to revive the site. We invite any Girl’s Day social fansites who are interested to contact us. As you know posting is a very busy job, but also rewarding. It may be a dream, but one day ‘Girl’s Day Daily’ may be an active place for Daisy again.


We decided to keep the site open for you, so you may enjoy all the past updates and good times with Girl’s Day. We realize many links are no longer working on the site. Daisies would love to see those videos, either to watch again or enjoy for the first time. During the winter holidays we will open up the ‘GsD Vault’ as a gift to you. We will take your requests for uploads, from variety shows to performances. In December we will announce more details on how you may participate.


Although the team is on official hiatus, we may host support projects for Girl’s Day in the future and as always we will partner with DAISY around the world. Let’s continue to support Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri!


Thank you for reading our letter,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAISY

5 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Daily’s Letter to DAISY

  1. thank you guys
    when I got a fan of girls day , i couldn’t find any update of them in my language ( persian ) . then i found your fanclub . i am really thankful for all updates that you shared with us. I will always remember you and your site. you work hard guys. always Loving Girls Day and this Pretty Fanclub .
  2. Thank you. Thank you so much GDD team. This site has been my go to place since my early days of being a Dai5y until i learned about out local Dai5y fanclub. It’s quite understandable since i went on hiatus as an active fan for years as i got busier. GDD will always have a place in my heart. Thank you for keeping it open :)

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