[PICS/TRANS] 191128 Yooborn Company Naver Post – Bang Minah

In this fluttering heart, I’m Min-ah

Check out behind the scenes of Minah’s Butterfly music video and photoshoot!

Photo Captions:
Between autumn and winter
A flower that bloomed without you knowing

✿ Min-ah Flower✿ is in full bloom!

November 21, flies lightly like a butterfly
News of singer Min-ah that makes our heart flutter

is a song that expresses the imagination and naming of the shy feelings felt for the first time (of first love) when she knows that she doesn’t know how the other person feels and because of that, she feels distressed.”

♥ Min-ah sings ♥

♥ Love for the fans ♥

This is what Min-ah is looking at (• ̀.̫ • ́) ✧
The hint is…

A flower

Min-ah visuals that bloom like flowers
This place immediately lights up.

photo shoot scene!
Let’s make some noise ~~ ᕕ (ᐛ) ᕗ

Is she a doll?

Is she a sculpture?

Is it the famous MinTopia here?
* Wherever Min-ah is, that’s a utopia’

“It’s shining and really shiny ~ ♬”

Every moment of singer Min-ah you look into all day


Source: 유본컴퍼니
Translated By: Kang Byul

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