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  1. Dear Girls Day Daily,
    Mnet is currently updating our Fan Site database and we would like to get more information. It would be great if we could get connected to the direct point of contact. Thank you.

    Mnet Team

  2. It seem that a lot of Girl’s Day recent video,interview or variety show do not come with subtitle yet, can it be done with subtitle like the mnet wide open studio interview of them on 11 April 2013 if not wrong or their latest show like beatles code on last week…please consider my request~
  3. I have one more suggestion which I hope GDD team will consider it regarding the star call video, why don’t we set up a certain period for sell the previous star call video like after half year or one year so for anyone miss the video, they can purchase with the same price like USD0.99 and we can keep this money for their next support or buy some stuff for them~
  4. I didn’t know where else to write this so I figured I’d do it here ㅋㅋ I’m working on a Kakao Theme for Girl’s Day! The text tone when you get a message and the song that plays when you make a call are both finished and for now everything is from 말해줘요 (the text tone being 야! 안 따라 부르냐?, the ringtone being the first chorus til the end of the song, and the tone when someone doesn’t pick up as 아해?, 아해? 안할꺼야?! ㅎㅎ still choosing which pictures to use, but I’m thinking of the Female President concept pics. Hard part will be little things like banners and text, but once I get a working project I’ll post a link and hopefully some instructions on how to download and apply it and/or change it. Just visited the Dai5y site and was inspired by some of their vids. 항상 데이지 화이팅 ㅅㅅ
  5. I know there seems to be a lot of focus lately on subbing the various videos, but the one area that seems to be seriously neglected at the moment is translation of the various Twitters that have been posted. I would think it should only take a couple minutes for someone to look at the texts and translate them.
  6. Project is coming along nicely, but wondering if anyone is good at photoshop? I’ve changed the standard yellow “Kakao Talk” photo that pops up to another..but I’d like to combine a nice GD pic but still keep the Kakao emblem somewhere in there..
  7. I think the site navigation can use some improvements. It’s a little hard to find certain sections of the site (like the projects section) and it’s a bit cluttered. I know I can use the category section but just putting it out there.
  8. @ D@ISY Hey what is the best way to contact you? I have two people in mind who can possibly help you with the logo.

    @ Carafuru Thanks for your suggestion, after the change in header links, some links were lost and we haven’t had a chance to update it. We will work on it as soon as possible since navigation of the site is very important. :)

  9. the chatbox expired days ago, please fix it ^^
    and can u please sub MTV the show , wonder what they talking about ^^v
  10. Yaay today it is one month since the chat expired. I almost feel excited, maybe I should even do a party and stuff. No now seriously, I know you all got thousands of other things to do but fixing the chat would be really nice for some of us.
  11. We do have the chatbox in mind and are looking into other types to see if there’s one that would suit everyone better. Usually though when the chatbox expires we won’t put it up again until the girls’ next comeback, so it will definitely be up in November when the solo promotion is set to happen.
  12. @kavansurf, though I’m not a staff member or anything, googling “Cbox” (Since that’s been lingering on the expired “chatbox”) gave me a chatbox host that required payment, so I guess it was just a hosting problem.
  13. i think GDD team has a bit of problem with management..They should hire some of the applicant and manage the job distribution..someone who can sub from korea to english should focus on that, and while others admin can manage the update for the it doesn’t have to be the same person who update and subbing..i thought the fan is getting bigger so we could get more subbed video, but it seems the same..very limited video with sub are available and most of the link are dead..
  14. Okay..thanks for you sure does clear some things up..well, its maybe my fault for not realizing that subbing is a hard job, thats why i suggest to leave the subbing group for subbing only..just let them focus on that..but yeah, you do work in a team, so sometime you have to cover up for the team somehow i understand that much..well, it not that im not appreciate what have GDD done for Daisy, im really thankful. since the first day i heard of girls day, i really impressed with how this site run..since GsD were not very popular back then, it nice to have international fansite..but of course, it just a suggestion..if u think that it very demanding of me and that im not thankful for what GDD done, i apologize and if there may be some words that might hurt all your hard work, im sorry for that..likewise, i also hope the best for GsD..oh and by any chance, is there possible for your team to reupload the file that has lost..
  15. Yes we can reupload past files but since that’s a huge undertaking it will take time. However if there’s a specific video(s) that someone needs, they can fill out this report and we will make that video a priority to upload. Fans have filled out the form before and we feel it’s the best way to reupload, by uploading the videos fans want most.
  16. Could GDD PLEASE sub JTBC’s Witch Hunt episode 47 which Sojin and Minah were on? PLEASEEE! THANK YOUUU! ^.^ we love you GDD <3
  17. hi guys, could u plrsdr dub the “[ENT NEWS] 111212 Channel A ‘Entertainment Inside’ – Girl’s Day Cut”
    it has 4 parts and im pretty sure more people want to see it :D
  18. Hi Girl’s Day Daily, I am a fan of Girl’s Day from Singapore, especially that of MinAh’s. I have this intention of perhaps writing an email to them to express my love for them, however i am unsure of how i am able to do that. Also, is there anyone that could help with translation because i do not know Korean and i am afraid that if by using google translate, it may convey the wrong meaning instead. Thank You! Everyday, Girl’s Day!! <3 <3 <3
  19. Hey GsD,

    Chatbox should be made available for Registered Users in case of spam or hateful messages? It would be great if the poster’s ID is associated with the account as well to prevent complications.

  20. Hi team~ Suggestion to make the “How to” Guide more accessible at the top bar where the Home, About GDD, ED GsD, etc is at~ Probably put it under the Important Links or ETC section?


  21. Hello,I have a concern that is,I’m new to this site and i got trouble signing in to this website cause it says “Invalid Login Credentials”. May I know what’s the problem?
  22. Hello, can our gsdaily twitter account follow @dchyerigallery? They have requested for us to follow them, big hyeri fan community.

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