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The Girl’s Day Daily team has steadily grown over the last three years. It has been a joy growing up with Girl’s Day and our fellow fans. During Girl’s Day’s promotions the team is more active and busy. Since there are more events and variety show appearances to cover, it’s a great time to build onto the team. The hiring process has never been a one-size fits all method. Some were hired after applying for staff while others we first met as fans and as they wanted to dedicate more time to Girl’s Day, they eventually joined the team.

We are looking for fans who want to support Girl’s Day in an additional way. The work we do on GDD is enjoyable but it also requires our time and effort. This is why we are very selective in the hiring process, not to remain exclusive but rather it is important so that we can maintain a productive and positive environment while working together. Although we want the team to be dedicated, we do not expect them to work on GDD 24/7. The team is from different timezones and we understand that we all have different personal schedules.

We have positions open in the areas listed below. Experience and knowledge in these areas is important but in addition to this, when hiring individuals we will focus on their attitude and how they work with others. If you don’t have prior experience or skill but want to help and promote Girl’s Day then feel free to apply. Certain positions like uploader and poster do not require past experience. We are looking for passionate fans who are willing to learn because the experience can be gained through training and practice. The GDD site itself has even come a long way since our first posts to now; we were able to improve in time because we learned from each other.


Join the Team!

At this time we are hiring: Korean Translators and Uploaders/Posters.
Soon we will be looking to fill other positions as well.

  • Korean Translators to work together with the subbing team on videos and translating news articles.
  • Uploaders/Posters to help share the latest updates on the site.



We are looking to hire Korean, Japanese and Chinese translators to work on news, tweets, video and audio updates. A good understanding of the English language is important but if you’re not completely fluent, don’t worry our editor will work together with you.



We are looking to hire timers and type setters. Subbers will work closely with the translator and uploading team.



We are looking to hire uploaders to download or rip files to share on streaming and file sharing sites.



We are looking to hire posters to update the blog with the latest pictures and tweet updates.


We are looking to hire graphic artists, skilled in using photoshop, for drawing or designing. The graphic team will work on banners or wallpapers for the blog layout and artwork for project books or support stickers.



NOTE: You need to have a Girl’s Day Daily user account so that when you are hired we can update your status. Don’t worry if you aren’t currently a member, you can create an account once you are hired.

Name/GDD Username:
Position: Indicate which position(s) you are applying for and state any experience you have and/or what sites you have worked with in the past.

– Translator: 1) Which language? 2) Link to past translation work if available.
– Subber:
– Uploader:
– Poster:
– Graphic Artist: 1) What is your specialty? 2) Link to past artwork and designs.

Explain: Why do you want to work on GDD?
Availability: What is your timezone and at what time during the day are you online and available to work on the blog?


Thank you for your time and we look forward to growing together as we work to support and promote Girl’s Day.

12 thoughts on “GDD Team Application

  1. Name/GDD Username DAISYfied
    Twitter: @DAISYfied
    Age: 16
    Country: Philippines
    I choose either of..
    ( I dont know how this 2 differs but I’m a hardcore Dai5y, I dedicate all my accounts, and life to Girl’s Day, so I’m always updated)

    but I really want to be a
    – Graphic Artist:
    >What is your specialty
    -Photoshop, editing photos, cartooning, I do little html, layout
    >Links of past works or designs
    These are some of my past works

    -I’m an admin in Girl’s Day Philippines
    -I’m the owner of JjongAh Couple Fanpage in Facebook (
    -I have lots of Girls Day pages that i’ve been managing :)

    I want to be a part of GDD Team because I know to myself that I have many abilities that your team were looking for, I self-studied photoshop and learned to edit photos and improved my skills.Editing Girl’s Day’s photos was my hobby. I always do my best in every work, and I get many attention and good phrases for it, I want to share my talent to everyone especially to all Dai5ies. I’m a total hardcore fan of Girl’s Day and as I’ve said I dedicate all my accounts to them, my day will not be complete without Girl’s Day, I always post, share, tweet, retweet latest news about them, and I know it will be big help for you guys. I want to join you guys because I really love Girl’s Day they are my ultimate bias group.
    -(UTC+08:00). I am free afterclass, Friday-Sunday, but when its holiday or weekend I’m 10-16hrs online

  2. NAME/GDD USERNAME: cheryl / ihailqrisus
    Twitter: @ihailqrisus

    Position: poster; i am extremely updated when it comes to sns especially when it comes to girls’ day.

    I would like to work on GDD as I’ve been with girl’s day since the ’tilt my head’ era until ‘i mis you’. I really dedicate myself to girl’s day and I feel that they are girls with true talent. It crossed my mind that I should at least do something for girl’s day as a fan thus I decided to apply for the position, poster.

    Timezone: GMT +8
    Online during on late afternoon to late night (weekdays)
    Online all the time (weekends)

  3. Name/GDD Username: MasterHyeri
    Twitter: @Lc_Taeng9 (MasterSoshii)
    Age: 15
    Country: Hong Kong
    Position: Indicate which position(s) you are applying for and state any experience you have and/or what sites you have worked with in the past.

    – Uploader:

    Familiarity with the structure of media uploading—be it pictures or downloadable contents— through free sharing services such as Mega and IMGUR. (I was trained for a while in Soshified – an international SNSD fanclub and had passed the uploading criteria of my application for encoding) Internet speed. On a more personal note, I am a hard-working and willing to learn person!

    Explain: Why do you want to work on GDD?
    I believe working in the Media team would take burden off by reducing workload each has to do everyday. Though this is entirely voluntary, I believe by guaranteeing consistency and swift uploading speed; it would serve our Dai5ys justice. It’s fun being able to have fun while helping this community. Hence, I would like to contribute to this fandom and further know about Girls’ Day and Dai5ys through this job. =]

    Availability: GMT+8 (During 7-10:30 pm in weekdays and whole day in weekends)

  4. Name/GDD Username: Emmanuel
    Twitter: @GsDTuna
    Age: 15
    Country: Philippines

    –  Poster: I’ve once been a moderator of an international forum, namely the international forum for Kara. Which was my first time working on a big website for more than a year.  :D

    – Translator: 1) Korean (Still not mastered ㅠㅠ). I used to translate some posts in korean on some various websites. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the posts I made since I just post them on different sites and pages. I only found one… ㅠㅠ
    Ps. I know my korean is still not good… I hope it would be okay if you can still teach me… ;D

    I would love to work for Girl’s Day Daily because I wanted to help on taking care and keeping this awesome website lively! To share things which I know every Dai5y needs! ;D

    Availability: GMT +8. As a high school student I attend school from morning to afternoon. Which I can have my whole free time during night. Which I can now shift as one of your workers! ㅎㅎ

  5. Name/GDD Username: May
    Twitter: @KINGJIW0N
    Age: 14
    Country: Philippines
    Position: Poster. I have a blog dedicated to EXO before. A fanbase for EXO and B.A.P which have all been shut down. I have a small online shop we’re I basically update product lists and all and also on my twitter. I know there isn’t a “Project Manager” position but if there is, I’d gladly like to apply.

    Explain: I’ve recently been in-love with Girl’s Day and I thought I needed updates quick then I came upon your site and I really, I mean really like it. How its always updated and all and decided to actually join the team.

    Availability: GMT+3:00, Anywhere between 10PM KST and 6AM KST but on weekends depending on my schedule I’m mostly free. Except for exam week of course.

  6. Name/GDD Username: Alkaid (I’m not a member, yet. You can contact me via my email :) )
    Twitter: @amazingalg
    Age: 20
    Country: Indonesia

    – Poster: I’m interested with this position, I never apply as Poster before, since I’m a technical person so I usually apply as Skinner/Technical Support. But, do posters should be able to translate Koreans since the job is about updating the blog with the latest pictures and tweet updates?

    – Graphic Artist: I tend to make graphics for rp sites, and usually, it’s anime thing. I’m not an advance user of Photoshop, but I know I will…. soon.. I can use Photoshops, but I can’t do Digital Arts (in Graphic Tablets) since I’m not good at drawing. My best ability is in BBCODE, and I have experience in using HTML, too.

    2) Anime things. Using renders, (note: these renders aren’t mine, thanks to the owner)

    One Piece

    Explain: I love Girls Day, and I’m a big fan of them. :) I love participating in a community and I think it’s fun, I experienced the awesomeness in other past sites that even words can’t tell. I want to support GD (indirectly, since directly is not possible, right now) by taking a role in GDD. GDD will be my training field too, because the experiences I will gain later will give a big impact on me later. I want to join GDD team and give them my hands so we can face any challenges together and it will be easier since the bond between the team is getting stronger.

    Availability: GMT +7.
    – 5 PM – 11 PM (Monday – Friday, I return from my office around 5 PM. GMT +7)
    – 9 AM – 11 PM (Weekend, if I don’t spend my weekend on another countries, GMT + 7. I’m a human, too :p )
    – I can rearrange my schedule, if you need me longer, I can make longer schedule for me in GDD)

  7. Name/GDD Username: Nhes/NheSica
    Twitter: @NheSica (
    Age: 17 years old
    Country: Philippines
    Position: Graphic Artist:

    Specialty: I was about to say pixel animation but that would not help GDD in any way so I’ll say vectors

    Past Experience:
    – I’m currently a Graphics Designer at CODE:EXO ( – The 1st and largest international forums for EXO
    – Also, a Publicity Committee Member of the UPLB Com Arts Society ( – The official organization for UPLB Communication Arts students in UPLB wherein my job mostly contains of making publicity graphics and videos; as well as thinking of publicity stunts and maintaining a good image for the organization
    – And the only admin of @SMTownFamily ( wherein I do all the graphics as well

    Past Artworks and Designs:
    – Here is a site of my really old works: (but these are really old, please look at the recent ones instead :))
    – Here’s most recent works:
    – Here’s some kpop vector mock ups:
    – And a recent video edit:

    After viewing my works, it is evident that I have never make artworks involving Girl’s Day. Frankly, this is because I have never been a fan until now. This is the reason why I want to work for GDD. I’ve been in the kpop fandom for so long now and knowing myself, I know I can only deepen my love for a group if I work for a fansite/fanblog. I’m hoping I can do this through GDD. It might sound self-centered but I know the other end to the position that I want to take. I am aware that as a staff of a fansite/fanblog, your work helps other fans too and this is the reason why I love working for sites.

    Something that I can proudly say is that I have a lot of experiences when it comes to working for fansites and fanblogs (in every medium there is – tumblr, twitter, forums, blogs). I have almost the same year of experience as a staff as my years in the kpop fandom. I have been a Moderator, Global Mod, Graphics Designer, Subber (editing, timing, encoding, uploading), Subbing Coordi, News Reporter, Writer, Writer Coordi, Translator, Uploader (Audio, Video, Photo) and Compiler (Audio, Video, Photo). I have acquired sufficient knowledge in almost every field there is and I am more than willing to use these for GDD.

    Although I have a lot of experiences, I have always believed there is always room for improvement so if there’s anything that I can learn for GDD, I am always open for learning. And last, I can be passionate and dedicated in the right amount so I’m hoping you would take a chance on me.

    Thank you!

    Availability: Timezone is GMT+8
    I’m currently on Christmas Vacation until February 2015 so I’m available 24/7. I hope it doesn’t sound pretentious but really, I’m available 24/7.

    I don’t want to assume things but if ever I will get accepted and become a staff before or after February 2015, I can still make time for GDD. Here’s a sample of my college schedule: I can work for GDD between my vacant periods and at night (7PM onwards).

  8. Name/GDD Username: Willie/loliconz
    – Translator :
    1) Korean : I was a translator in a Girls’ Generation fanbase around 2 years ago, sadly I quit because the fanbase is inactive.
    2) I only do some amateur translating (by commenting on youtube comment section or instagram comment section). I started around 9 months ago, and I do not dare to say that my translation is 100% correct,
    If you want to see one of my amateur translations, here is it:
    (I always post my translations in the comment section of the respective videos)
    Yes, I know that some of my translations are wrong in terms of true meaning, but I always try to find and use other words or maybe a full sentence that can represent the true meaning.

    Explain: Why do you want to work on GDD?
    – Because :
    I want the Dai5ies that can’t understand korean well to know the meaning of every conversation Girl’s Day are talking about, the meaning of every words that Girl’s Day post on their respective social media account, that’s why I’m doing all these amateur translations, of course by doing that I already helped some of them, BUT I feel like I should use my abilities more efficiently, not saying that I will stop the amateur translating, it’s more like, if I only translate in the comment section, some fans won’t even bother opening the video because they knew that it’s just a bunch of sentences they won’t understand, but they don’t know, in the comment section, actually there is a person who already did the translating, but if the video is ‘English Subbed’, fans will definitely watch that video.

    One thing that I’d like to note is, I studied Korean by myself, from watching dramas, variety shows, of course with English sub, I tried to match each word they say with the meaning, and I keep doing that for almost 6 years, and now, I AM confident that I know the point of what each sentence means, and I can translate it in 80~90% accuracy.

    Availability: Timezone here is GMT +7, Monday – Saturday, I’m available from 6pm to 11pm (for Saturday, I can stay all night), if Sunday, I’m available from 8 am until 11pm.
    Schedules can be decided later if I’m accepted.

  9. Name/GDD Username: Ulani/Ulani980814
    Twitter: @vitaMINAH_
    Age: 16
    Country: Kentucky, USA
    – Poster: I’m always online and extremely updated when it comes to SNS especially when it comes to Girl’s Day.
    – Translator: 1) Korean/Thai (I learned how to read and write in Korean but still not fluent T^T but i would love to learn more^^) I can read an article and understand most of it on what it’s about and roughly translate it. On twitter, I sometimes translate the Girl’s tweets/Instagram posts and if theres an article/video I translate tiny parts of it along with a screenshot and tweet what they say. My translations might not be 100% accurate but they are about 80-90% correct. If there is ever anything with Thai, I can also translate it.

    Experience: I use to be an admin for a SNSD’s Taeyeon page on Facebook and translated things for a few years but left due to inactivity of the other admins on the page. I am currently a co-admin on a BTS Instagram page and I translate tweets there.

    (2) I couldn’t find any posts on the SNSD Taeyeon page, but I have translations from the BTS instagram page (there were a lot more longer tweets I translated but the main admin has deleted those ㅠㅡㅠ) here are a few:

    and I found some of the small translations I tweet along with a screenshot of the video on twitter (there are lots and lots of things i have translated but could not backtrack far enough.. so i could not find them) :

    Explain: Why do you want to work on GDD?
    I have been a Daisy since Twinkle Twinkle era but I wasn’t active in the fandom so I made a twitter account and dedicated it to Girl’s Day and decided to become an active daisy and make friends. Its been a few years since I had my twitter account.. and I’m still making new friends everyday, talking about 4 girls we love with all our hearts. I started to translate parts of videos and tweet them and had people tweeting me saying “thank you” for my translations. It made me happy and i felt appreciated for translating even if it was just a phrase or two. One day I had someone mention me “You should start working for GDD and translate/sub videos!” I told them I would love to work for the team but I didn’t have the program for subbing, I didn’t know how to, and i didn’t have the time to fill out an application. Since that day, I’ve always thought about joining the team… and today is the day i finally have the time and courage and am stepping up. I want to be a daisy that is a part of this team to help others out. I realized that if translating a phrase can make someone happy imagine if i translate a sentence… a paragraph or even an article! Translating a word can even make a difference. I know I’m not 100% fluent in Korean but with the help from the other staff members and working together, i would like to come closer as one and learn more to become fluent. I want to help the daisy’s out there who don’t know the Korean language well or at all, understand what they are saying/talking about. As for helping out the team, I know there are a lot of responsibilities that they have but i can help take some burden off the team as another staff member. I love Girl’s Day and i’d do anything to help and make the community better. I have been donating to several projects on GDD and to the fansites. By becoming a member in GDD, it will be a place where I learn and gain experience from. It will be hard but I will try my best, give my all, and continue to be the happy virus i am despite the difficulty/challenges I will face. Although I don’t have much experience, I know that the team can help me out and can teach me. Being a part of the GDD team will be the greatest honor.

    I really want to be ‘Poster’ because i think it will be easier for me and since I’m always updated and i am able to translate simpler things such as SNS posts. I am willing to be a translator too but will need some help^^

    Availability: Timezone is Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00). I am always online but to work on the site, since I am a high school student, Monday-Thursday: 3PM-12AM Friday: anytime after 3PM Weekends: rarely busy so.. ANYTIME!

    ~We might not be the biggest fandom, but we are the happiest! Let’s grow older with Girl’s day! Once a daisy, forever a daisy! ~

  10. Name/GDD username: Judith / iJudithM
    Twitter: pussyura
    Age: 14
    Country: Indonesia
    Position: Graphic Artist

    1) I’m skilled in making video edits for vines and I can also make wallpaper edits which I post in twitter.

    2) These are some of my favourite edits I’ve made so far:

    and here’s some of my edit puns

    Explain: Since I’ve started liking Girls Day, I found out that that there’s not a lot of fan made videos for fans to enjoy so I decided to make my own. I started by making easy edits in vine and I’m planning to expand my skill set by learning from other members in the team.
    Furthermore, I want to contribute to this fandom in a positive way and I believe that the best way to do this is by joining the team and sharing my work with fellow Dai5ys.

    Availability: Since I’m on a holiday, I’m available 24/7/364.5 ;D. During school days, I’m usually available after 8PM KST.

  11. Name/GDD Username: fakekoreangia
    Twitter: @fakekoreangia
    Age: 16
    Country: Philippines
    I’d like to be an
    – Subber: I’m in the field of video editing and I think I’m one of the persons fit for this :)
    – Uploader/Poster: I may not be online 24/7 but I spend a lot of time in the net surfing and searching stuffs related to Kpop. And having this position, I know I can handle it well. :)
    – Graphic Artist: This is something I also want to apply for and my specialty is photo-editing and drawing sketches of people but I think I kind of lack something in this field. By the way here is one example of my work :)

    Explain: I’ve been a fan of GsD since 2013 and from the moment I saw them they have been my bias group among all the groups I stan. And I always get keep updated with them. I can’t miss something And now, I’ve thought of taking a step closer to them and I think being a member of GDD is a way of that. Being a member of the GDD team, I know I’ll do well. I’ve also had experiences in being one of the staff members of HIGH4 Philippines (HIGH4 is newly debuted boygroup under NAP Entertainment), so I know I can handle being one of the team members of GDD. ^_^
    Availability: If based in the Korean Standard Time, Philippine Standard Time is an hour late. I am available everyday from 1PM (KST) onwards.

  12. Name/GDD Username: Titouf (but I can’t activate my account since I didn’t receive the activation email)
    Twitter: None.
    Age: 21
    Country: Belgium (GMT +1)
    – Subber: Encoder. I’m quite experienced. I’ve worked for 2.5 years as an encoder in 2 subbing teams related to SNSD. I’ve also been an encoder for 3 years (2010-2013) in a french One Piece (the anime) subbing team. I’m currently the encoder of iheartfx, SonamooSubs, 4starsubs (though we’re kinda on hiatus right now) & Gfriend United. I also encode for my personal use. I rip all my DVDs and Blurays at home, and sometimes reencode some film or video so that it takes less space.

    I believe you might also want to know what kind of computer I have to encode. No worries there, my computer is built for HD encoding & heavy gaming :

    Intel Core I7 4770K @ 4.0 Ghz
    16 GB DDR3
    512 GB SSD

    Speedtest :

    Recent works : ;

    Explain: Why do you want to work on GDD? Pretty simple. I love Girls’ Day (ever since “Oh My God”), I love working with a subbing team, and encoding is a hobby. Combine those 3 and… Here I am :)
    Availability: GMT+1, available every weekday in the evening, from 5 PM to 10 PM at least. On weekends it varies, up to a whole day. Encoding doesn’t require me to stay next to the computer anyway ;)

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