[Project #23] Girl’s Day’s 4th Anniversary Scrapbook

Calling all DAI5Y! We invite you to contribute to Girl’s Day’s scrapbook that we will be publishing. The scrapbook will show highlights from the last four years: Promotions and Wins, Awards, and Special Events. We will also be including thoughts from DAI5Y in our ‘Reasons Why…’ pages.

How to Participate:
– Tweet any additional ideas for the scrapbook to @girlsdaydaily
– Submit your comment below for ‘Reasons Why…’
– Participate in Girl’s Day highlights for the scrapbook
– Girl’s Day & DAI5Y worldwide support page
– We may set up a poll to vote on certain pictures or designs used for the scrapbook



Girl’s Day & DAI5Y Support Directions:
Compiled list of Girl’s Day fansites from around the world.

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Girl’s Day Highlights Directions:

Performances (Promoted Tracks)
We will have a page in the scrapbook dedicated to each promoted track, using your screencaps or press pics.
Deadline: June 22

  • Sign-up and choose your song here. (Multiple fans can choose to work on the same song)
  • Submit your favourite scenes from a Girl’s Day performance (either a screencap or press photo)
  • – 2-4 shots (Group) and 1 solo shot of each member (Sojin, Yura, Minah, Hyeri)
    – Performances must be from a music show broadcast
    – Screencaps must be high quality (at least 720 x 1280)
    – Press photos must be good quality (varies depending on news site)

  • Email your submission to gddprojects [at] gmail [dot] com
  • For questions or concerns contact Tammy or Seany.


‘Reasons Why…’ Directions:
Submit your comment below for 1 or more reasons

Write the Reasons Why…
I love Girl’s Day…
I’m a fan of Girl’s Day…
I’m inspired by Girl’s Day…

These comments will be compiled and translated for the book.

Deadline: June 22


We look forward to making a great scrapbook for Girl’s Day. It will be a good way to look back on all they have accomplished through the years! Let’s go~

Thank you,
The GDD Team

47 thoughts on “[Project #23] Girl’s Day’s 4th Anniversary Scrapbook

  1. Name: Dolkar Country: Canada
    I’m a fan of Girl’s Day because their music is awesome, and Minah’s high notes are killer.
  2. Name: Saintly Sarmiento
    Country: Philippines
    Reasons Why…
    It’s because I’m a die-hard fan of Girl’s Day,
    I will not consider a day without Girl’s Day,
    My life will not be complete without them
    I want to be like them when I grow up.
    I’ll be as sexy as Yura and Sojin,
    I’ll be cheerful like Minah and Hyeri,
    I’ll be good in acting like Yura,
    I’ll be pretty like them.
  3. Name: dan carlo
    Country: Philippines
    Reasons Why: when i first saw girl’s day i love the way they sing and dance
    and they are the reason why i became a fanboy,

    and i also love girl’s day because they are funny,cute,sexy and gorgeous lady.

  4. Name: Ayca Country: Turkey
    I love Girl’s Day because those beautiful girls inspire me every day with their talent and personalities, and I’ll always love & support them.
  5. Name: SJ
    Country: Singapore
    Reasons Why: You don’t need any, you just have to love them. The most hardworking and sincere group ever, never hiding their true selves, they are always a joy to watch making life much easier to get by on tough days. Park Sojin’s the complete package =P
  6. Name: Sojinie Dongsaeng
    Country: Indonesia.

    I love Girl’s Day, especially because Sojin Noona so gorgeous & has a warm personality. *Clap Clap Clap.

    She is cute while doing anything. Even while she was eating and talking.
    In short, Sojin is different from the others, and this makes her very special.

    Saengil chukhahamnida for Sojin Noona!!
    She becomes older but we will still love Sojin Noona like crazy.

    All the best for Girl’s Day!

  7. Name/Country: Ainis from Lithuania
    Reasons Why:
    I love Girl’s Day because they make me happy anytime of the day.
    I’m inspired by Girl’s Day because their hard work put into everything just makes me do the same.
  8. Name: Kayla
    Country: USA

    I’m a fan of Girl’s Day because all of the members are beautiful, hardworking people, and their music fun to listen to. Sojin’s beautiful voice makes any song complete. Yura’s positive personality make me smile, and her laugh makes me laugh, too. Minah’s high notes are amazing and her eye smile is the cutest! Hyeri’s big smile and caring attitude really makes me happy to be a dai5y. Fighting, Girl’s Day! I love you all. I hope you last a long time. ^^

  9. Jim, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I love Girl’s Day because they, as a group seem like a family. Looking forward to their next comeback
  10. Name: Jin (twitter:DAI5Y_Jin)
    Country: Singapore

    I love girl’s day like no other Korean group can compared although it may be exaggerated but from what l viewed girl’s day singing and dance is one of a kind which influence me to keep loving them because l can see they are really hardworking from performing and acting drama so l can’t wait to see their comeback !!!! Hahahaha l can’t stand a day without listen to their song!!! Love girl’s ! But my favorite is bang minah and her voice is too lovely l will follow you forever hahaha minah add or follow me hahaha fighting!! From your hardcore fan!!!

  11. Name: Jin (twitter:DAI5Y_jin)
    Country: Singapore

    I love girl’s day like no other Korean group can compared although it may be exaggerated but from what l viewed girl’s day singing and dance is one of a kind which influence me to keep loving them because l can see they are really hardworking from performing to acting drama so l can’t wait to see their comeback !!!! Hahahaha l can’t stand a day without listening to their song!!! Love girl’s day! And my favorite is bang minah and her voice is too lovely l will follow you forever hahaha minah add or follow me hahaha fighting!! From your hardcore fan!!!

  12. Name : Myrul Nazri
    Country : Malaysia

    I love Girl’s day so much because they’re quite unique..
    and being unique is better than being perfect..
    their uniqueness make me turns into a dai5y..
    I love all of you..GsD Hwaiting.. ^^

  13. Name: Natalie
    Country: Singapore

    I love girls day because every single one of them is so talented and special to me and all the fans. Girls day is charming and they care a lot for their fans. They work hard for the fans and we really really appreciate it a lot. Minah is so cute, sojin is so caring, hyeri is so sexy, yura is so pretty. They each have their individual talents and are hard working. My role models, my inspiration, girls day. Saranghaeyo!

  14. Name: Beatriz
    Country: Brazil

    I love Girl’s Day since I first saw them because they’re very talented and special. They are beautiful, sexy funny, cute and humble. They don’t care only for themselves, and they try so hard to make this world better, that they inspire all of her fans to do it too. They’re the mark of a generation, and we’ll never forget them. Your DAI5Ys love you, girls!!! <3<3 Never forget it!!! :3

  15. Name: Charles Ng (Youtube and Twitter Carlos Ning)
    Country: Australian born Hong Kong
    Reason why I love Girl’s Day: Nothing else in my life has made me so fulfilled. I listen to all your songs and I cannot ever get sick of them, some songs I can still easily get goosebumps, despite having listening to them thousands of times (check my iPod hahaha). As for your personalities, I cannot get enough of their innocence ;as well as stupidity at times, I’m pointing at you Yura ;), as well as the times when they are vulnerable and sad. Whatever emotions you girls feel, we feel it with you, and that is what I love most, that we can all share these feelings together no matter how happy or sad. I cannot get through a day without listening to music or watching some Girl’s Day videos, and this attraction comes from your great love for us fans and your passion, which makes fans like me cheer for you everyday. I will always love you girls, and I thankyou so much that you girls exist. DAI5Y FOREVER FIGHTINGG GIRL’S DAY <3 Saranghaee.
  16. Name: Elizabeth Villarroel
    Country: Chile
    Reasons Why…

    I love Girl’s day they are so talented , the music is so catchy and unique , Hyeri is a angel very sweet she is my inspiration and make me laugh, i love how crazy she is, she is my rol model , she have a voice beautiful and unique ¡is my favorite voice and member in Girl’s Day! ¡she are the best in the fanservice! ,i know she be a great singer , actress and more because she born with a big heart and talented , the angel Hyeri is beautiful, Sojin is a great leader , Yura is so cute , minah is quiet , all are important they voice are amazing , i don’t know how but in my heart they are the best, my life are complet with girl’s day

  17. Name: Dan
    Country: UK!
    Reasons Why:

    I love Girl’s Day as each and every member is unique, talented, special and beautiful, and together make one of the best and hardest working groups in Kpop today! Discovering Girl’s Day changed my life and they have come such a long way and I’m sure will progress and improve even more in the years to come. Their personalities really shine on variety shows and performances and really do care a lot about the fans which I’m sure we are all grateful for!! Sojin is a great leader with lots of charisma and sexiness, Minah has an amazing voice and has been so hard working ever since the inception of Girl’s Day, and that Picnic Live cover of Someone like you chills me to the bone..
    Hyeri is so cute, wonderful and funny, congrats on The ShowMC!!
    and Yura is just the most amazing girl in the world with an amazing laugh ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ, hope to see her in many more dramas, we need Reckless Family 3 subs!!!
    The best of friends, a standout Kpop idol group,
    Girl’s Day HWAITING!!!
    Kahmsahmida, Saranghae <3
    All the best, with good fortune and prosperity \O/

  18. Name: Phillip
    Country: USA
    Reasons Why…

    I love Girl’s Day for many reason’s. The first would be because they are the 1st KPOP group that got me interested in other KPOP groups like 2NE1, SNSD, Big Bang and more. I was watching a KPOP dance cover of a girls day song and then wanted to see the original artist. All so pretty and talented singers, dancers , and more!! I loved that they were cute on and off stage but didn’t appear fake. My 1st ever KPOP song purchase was “Oh My God”, My 1st ever KPOP album purchase was Girl’s Day – Expectation. Girls Day will always be my KPOP bias and So-jin is my Girls Day/KPOP female Bias. I love her style and Voice, I purchased her solo tracks and one of my favorites is her DEUX cover of “In Summer” with ZIZO. I know all the words and i don’t speak hongul. Sojin has great talent as a singer and performer. Her beauty is as boundless as is her vocal range. I love all of the members in Girls Day! They all have their unique talents and I also like watching them mature in their performances, vocal ability, and in life. I look forward to seeing them all fall in love and have a bright future!
    Girls Day Hwaiting!! ~~~~~
    Phillip, Huntington Beach, CA USA

  19. Name: Zhel
    Country: Philippines
    Reason Why…

    There are many reasons why I love Girlsday and if I list it all I think we will need a hundreds of pages to finish it so Let me share it in a simplest way.

    I’m not into KPoP before I never understand Kpoppers fanboys and fangirls but then G I R L S D A Y came into my life, their catchy songs and the way they dance caught my attention I never thought that I would be loving them this much.
    Downloading pictures of them everytime there was a new events or photoshoots was like a hobby to to me.
    Listening to their songs make me feel so happy and proud every single day thinking that they grew up as a very Gorgeous, talented and hardworking Ladies now.

    Thinking Back of how i became a Dai5y I feel Blessed to be in this Fandom.
    The first Mv I have watched was Twinkle Twinkle I’m just a casual fan and then I watched Sojin and Minah “Slow Motion” and God ! The first time I saw PARK SOJIN wide sweet Smile while singing that song and heard her soulful voice I ALREADY THOUGHT OF HER AS MY PERFECT IDEAL TYPE and The Girl that I want to Marry in the near future (Hahah).

    Before knowing Girlsday , I was the strongest man in the world.
    But then whenever I heard that you girls were injured,tired, having a hard time and sad I realised that I wasn’t that strong afterall because I feel hurt for you.

    Maybe it is impossible to let you all know
    how much I love the way you put your hearts into your singing,
    how much you girls works so hard to be known .
    How much I love the confidence on your faces while dancing and performing your songs.
    How much you cared to your fans and treat them as your friends and How much you treat each other like you girls are real sisters.

    I used to think that giving must have meaningful returns.
    Being a Daisy has taught me patience is rewarded with hard work and you girls are such an inspiration for us.

    To many people, it is just a normal day But for me and to all DAI5Y it is the most precious moment in our entire life as we celebrate your 4th Anniversary.
    Ever since I first saw you Sojin,Yura,Minah and Hyeri the love I have for you only increases each day.

    It’s been 4 years now since your debut , Wow it feel like just yesterday .
    You girls suffered a lot more hardships that us fans don’t know .
    We may live in different countries but just watching you girls, knowing that you are healthy and happy It is already enough for me.

    When you all say this loud in unison its always make me smile because everyday is your day for me.

    HYERI – MAKNAE !! you are such a wonderful maknae.. Your Laughs is giving me life please don’t stop being funny , you are the mood maker . Yay ! You are turning into a big Girl now !

    MINAH – You have a very amazing voice. When you sing a very high song I can’t help but to get goosebumps and ilove it when you flashed your eyesmile who wouldn’t love your eyes? You are the best giving fanservice.

    YURA- I love your silliness hahaha babo, the way you are addicted on playing game and the way you always makes your members laugh even without trying . You are Gorgeous I love how you are the only one who dared to kiss Sojin successfully. You are such a giant, derp, weird and funny and that what makes you unique.

    SOJIN- As I said You became my Ultimate bias in kpop and no one can replace you here in my heart you are always on Top. I know you doesn’t like being called as the Mother of your group but I am so glad to know how you takes care of your youngest members and guide them like a mother makes me want to hug you. I know that being an eomma for them is hard them who loves fooling around but you also ride and played with them and acts like you are the maknae. As you stand in the stage full of charisma and smile like a Goddess its like killing us all in happiness . When you started singing I feels like Im in peace it relaxed me as I listened through my earphones I want to shout to everyone “YOU GUYS SHOULD STAN THIS GIRL SHE IS PERFECT !!”
    You got the Talents, You define Perfection and You deserve The Whole World I Love You so much.

    Forever with GIRLSDAY…. FIGHTING !!!

  20. Name: Dhei
    Country: Philippines
    Reasons Why:

    Among all KPOP Groups, Girl’s Day won my heart <3 , My day wouldn't be complete without Girl's Day, My everyday life is attached to them.

    It's been 2 years since I knew them in Twinkle Twinkle MV at first I had a hard time pointing who is who?? Where's Minah, Sojin, Yura and Hyeri?? But now I really know them :) , and now as a hardcore fan, i get crazy when GsD news where released, like Twitter Updates, Fancams, and many more new about them. Sometimes i need to jump off the bed and go infront of my computer and on it,with sleepy eyes just to see their twitter update XD, I became inspired to learn and write hangul (now im studying how to speak and understand hangul), so that when i saw them in the future ill have the confident to talk to them XD

    I love everything about them, Girl's Day is something people can never forget especially to us Dai5y, they didn't only play a BIG role in K- Industry, they also played a BIG ROLE IN OUR LIFE.


  21. Name: Maerong
    Country: Singapore
    Why do I love Girl’s Day? Why????
    They are my heart, my mind and my soul! :)
    Everything about them are too perfect and lovely. They are the most amazing person I ever seen.

    Need daily dosage of Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri.

    Lastly, how I love them can’t be expressed by words <3. -tears- T.T

  22. Name : One of Girls Day Fan
    Country : Indonesia
    Reason Why :

    Whew, it’s been four years, huh? Four years of being a fan of you :)

    There is no reason. Same like when I fell in love with someone. I just like Girls Day because they’re very talented! They have something that is not owned by others. Girls day is the only girlband who I really love! Park So Jin unnie you’re my favorite, my ultimate!

    And last, Keep your health because we want to see you guys constantly! All the best for Girls Day, and Congrats!

  23. Name : Laura Roulez
    Country : France
    I am a fan of Girl’s Day because they worked so hard to be where they are now. They deserve all the love in the world. I can’t imagine living without them now, i love them so much.
  24. Name: Fatehah
    Country : Malaysia

    Reason Why:

    12th May 2014, for other people that date might mean nothing but for me, that is one of the most important date in my life, that is the day that i decided to let 4 pretty beautiful strangers enter my life. on that day i was like ‘hey, lets give this group a chance, lets listen to their songs and watch their music videos’ and now here i am, writing a message for their 4th anniversary scrapbook.

    The main reason why i admire Girls Day so much is because of their passion, their passion in chasing their dream. the kind of passion that i wish i could have in my life.

    Dear Girls Day, if you are reading this, please never give up in making people remember your name, please don’t stop working hard to be the girls group that represent this generation. we will always here supporting Girls Day. FIGHTING!

  25. Name : Mineef
    Country : Malaysia

    Reason Why :

    I love Girl’s Day so much. I am a fanboy of Girl’s Day. They are really fully talented. They are really cute,beautiful,gorgeous and sexy especially, Min Ah..

    She is really cute and beautiful.
    I like her high note and i really like her eyesmile. So cute!

    Girl’s Day are so talented Kpop female group.
    They are so unique and perfect..
    Hwaiting! Yura,Hyeri,Minah and Sojin
    DAI5Y forever!
    Saranghae Girl’s Day!

    Keep healthy and “Everyday Girl’s Day”~

  26. Name: Ulani (twitter: Ulani1998)
    Country: USA

    I am a fan of Girl’s Day because they always put so much effort into what they do and they are always loyal and devoted to fans. Even when there were times that were difficult, they endured it and managed to get to where they are now and I’m proud of them. They are all talented, beautiful, sexy, cute, funny and dorky. And most importantly, I love girls day because of the bond that they have. I love how the members look after each other and care for each other like family. Their love for each other is strong, and no one can break that special bond they have. Everyday they put a smile on my face and I don’t know what I would do without them. Happy 4th Anniversary! and more anniversaries to come! No matter how many years have passed, I will always stand by your side and support you whatever you do. Like Minah said last year, lets be together for the next 3, 30, and 300 years but now lets be together for the next 4, 40, and 400 years~ haha. Girl’s Day will always be the best! Everyday Girl’s Day! I love you unnies! <3 (especially Minah unnie.. hehe) DAI5Y forever!~ ^^

  27. Reasons Why…

    Name: Thiago (@thi_br)
    Country: Brazil

    I’m inspired by Girl’s Day because their music always cheer me up, they are a hard working group that improved so much over time to always show a better image to the fans. They have an amazing discography, I can’t get enough of their songs, and in every comeback they surprise us with memorable performances that I keep watching over and over again. Besides the music, they are also fun girls who can make us laugh by just being themselves, there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing them together, joking around and showing us the strong bond between them. To sum it up, I’m a huge fan because they brighten my days and I will always support them in every way I can.

  28. Name: Jang Win (Jang_Win)
    Country: Vietnam
    Reasons Why…

    I’m a fan of Girl’s Day beacause they’re so talented and persistence. When the first i hear Twinkle Twinkle, i’m falling love with them.. i love Minah’s voice and like Yura when she rapping. Leader Sojin is very nice, Hyeri still young so she so fun

  29. Name: strangefuzz from kayoforum (mark)
    Country: Philippines

    Girl’s day is an inspiration to me. very hardworking, passionate and staying positive everyday. everyday is girl’s day to me. their songs has been impressive from the very start. from cute, easy to listen, calm, ballad, upbeat and to sexy songs. the dedication and perseverance lead the where they are now and still they are very humble. i’m a huge fan and i’m keeping up to what they’re doing. despite the busy schedules, girl’s day always smile and it always brightens my day.

    dai5y all over the world might not be connected or collective in fansites or forums but wherever we are right now, we believe in girl’s day with all our hearts. keep it up, we love you so much minah, yura, hyeri and sojin.

    girl’s day is the best!

  30. Name: Kevin Chen
    Country: Thailand
    I love Girl’s Day because they try really hard just to make one song to be perfect. When the first time I heard “Expectation”. In a flash in my mind was thinking about the people who sing this song must be really good. I want to get into that situation again, so I decide to be Girl’s Day fan. Everyday for me is GIRL’S DAY FIGHTING!!!

    G irlsday
    I nspired
    R ising
    L legend
    S atisfied

    D evelop
    A dmire
    Y ou can do it!!!

  31. Name: Anna ( @ninjafr3aQK )
    Country: Germany
    Reasons Why…

    G I R L ‘ S D A Y . . . when I heard this group name for the first time, I was’nt really shure what to expect of these 4 young ladies because I was new into KPop and only listening to some popular KPop groups. But my first impression of them was good, so I decided to give them a chance ( fortunately, like seriously ) .

    To be honest, I didn’t like it when groups do these cutesy stuff, I just couldn’t stand aegyo and the “trying-so-hard-to-sound-cute” voices, but when I listened to Twinkle Twinkle for the first time, I was surprised I . . . kind of liked it. So I listened to Nothing Lasts Forever . . . and it was interesting. Then Don’t Forget Me, Expectation, Female President, even the OSTs etc.. I don’t know why, but I was totally in to their songs ! So I became a fan of Girl’s Day because of their varied concepts.

    One day I started to watch interviews, shows, live performances etc. with Girl’s Day because I wanted to know how the members are like. I watched more and more and didn’t realize that I turned into a total fangirl . . . a Dai5y !

    What I like about the four members? Well, after watching MANY videos, I found some reasons for every member:

    Hyeri: I really like her self – confidence, brightness and openness. She knows what she wants and she says what she thinks. She brings the fun and freshness to the group. I love her interactions with the fans, she’s like a good friend.

    Minah: Her passion for music, her honesty and ambitiousness really stand out. I was touched by her story before their debut. I love her positive attitude. Whenever she is singing, it comes from her heart. This girl definitely works very hard for her dream, I respect her for that. And her fan service is no joke.

    Yura: She’s the one having a good relationship with each member, always being funny, bubbly and positive. I like it that she doesn’t take herself so seriously. It’s her weird and dorky personality that I love the most. Her innocence makes her really likable.

    Sojin: I just love her straightforwardness, her humor and her matureness. I admire her inner beauty the most. Her talents are so underrated. She’s a responsible, caring and smart leader who follows her dream to be a singer, but still stays down to earth. She’s a good person! I look up to her. Park Sojin forever, seriously.

    I’m a fan of Girl’s Day because they worked so hard to be where they are today. They failed in the beginning, but have never given up their dream. They take every chance to show each member’s talents for being recognized. They spread happiness with their performances which keep getting better. They have fun on stage, also being themselves. They are always so nice to their fans. They are my number one group.

    Everyday Girl’s Day. Forever and always.

  32. Name: Tarjo Partono a.k.a James Park
    Country: Indonesia

    Why I love Girl’s Day?
    Of course I love Girl’s day!.. Who doesn’t?

    Although I’m from an under-develop country, I always spend my time to watch Girl’s Day videos @Youtube, I started following Girl’s Day videos since Kira-Kira Slim episodes. Too bad not all the episode have an English subtitles *T_T..
    However, I found Girl’s Day characteristic is cute and lovely, it seems like they don’t really hide their true characters and it’s fun to watch ~:D

    In the future, I hope Girl’s Day will make more candid camera videos or perhaps another Kira-Kira Slim episodes? I’ll definitely put “like” on those videos.

    Personally, I like Sojin. With her cute & sexy image, she really deserves more attention than what she got right now. Too bad, she doesn’t cast in any drama or popular variety show like Minah & Yura.

    Dear Park Sojin, the Queen of math multiplication table!!
    Please play in a popular variety show, especially Running Man couple race !!
    Would like to see Kwang-Jin (Kwangsoo -Sojin) couple race.. Lol..
    Just remember don’t play with dangerous animals like what Kwangsoo did with the crocodiles.

    If everyday were Girls Day, then it’s must be a happy day!! Yaaayyy!! Girl’s Day Fighting!!!

  33. Name: Edward Lim
    Country: Indonesia

    First of all, thanks to GDD team for this scrapbook idea.
    We really appreciate it. ~Thanx a lot!! :)

    When I listened to Adelle’s “Someone Like You” covered by Sojin-Minah and Sojin’s “I Want to Go Back” (Passionate Love, OST).
    I realize that there’s absolutely something about Sojin’s voice.
    Her voice is just simply wonderful.

    To Girl’s Day:
    We’re sorry that we’re only some noisy fans.
    We don’t know, when you were really tired..
    We don’t know, when you were really sad or crying..
    We just pretend to know when actually we don’t..
    We’re only some noisy fans..
    Some noisy fans who cheer you from nowhere..
    We don’t know, whether it’s useful or not..
    We don’t know, whether it’s stupid or not..
    We just pretend to know while actually we don’t..
    We’re only some noisy fans..
    Some noisy fans who only know…
    .. That we really love you ..

  34. Name: Brian
    Country: USA
    Reasons Why…
    I want to say thank you to Girl’s Day. I’m a huge dai5y and love their music and personality!
    I do feel a little small because I’m just 1 fan out of Girl’s Day’s sea of dai5ys but when they read this, I hope they can accept my love and appreciation towards them. Especially my bias Minah! Thank you for being perfect and making me fanboy like crazy!^^ Continue to keep making music and being perfect. I will always support Girl’s Day!

    Everyday Girl’s Day^^~

  35. Name/Country: Matsuo Nakagawa/ Japan

    Wohoo! Girl’s Day comeback! Daebak! Daebak!
    I wish Girl’s Day will hold another fan meeting in Tokyo.
    Sojin noona, please shout “Horrayy!!” if you read my comment.
    Noona, I will study hard, eat a lot, grow taller and make lots of money!
    Let’s get married later on!

  36. Name: Wei Xiang (Andrew)
    Country: Taiwan

    I love Girl’s Day because my bias is there! Park Sojin! I like the way she speaks and takes care the other members. Her goyangi dance also looks sexier than the others. Sojin Daebbak!

    After reading above comment, I’m amazed that Girl’s Day even has fans from various countries (Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Brazil and even Lithuania? (i don’t know where is it?).

    I wish Girl’s Day learn some English and becomes more popular internationally! Every Day Girls Day!

  37. Name: Patricia
    Country: Spain

    I’m fan of Girl’s Day because i admire how hard you’ve worked for your dreams. How despite the hardships, despite a tired schedule.. you keep smiling. With your songs and voice, with your gestures, your smiles, you make us happy..it’s amazing how with 2 or 3 minutes video or even just a 10 seconds video you can make my day go so much better.

    I feel bad because from Spain I can’t support you all i would like , but i hope through this message our love can reach you.

    I hope you the best because if is there a group that deserve the best it’s Girl’s Day. Thank you so much for existing.

  38. Name: Dylan
    Country: The Netherlands

    I love Girl’s Day because I can tell they really work hard for everything they do.
    I’m really proud to call them my bias group, because they are just amazing in every way
    I don’t even know how to explain how much they mean to me.
    I hope they’ll keep making music for a long time, & I will continue to support them in every way possible ^-^~
    사랑해요 걸스데이 fighting! <3

  39. Name : Fa Utami
    Country : Indonesia

    Reason why.. I love Girl’s Day…
    Because Every day Is Girl’s Day.

    Honestly I don’t know why. I know so many girl groups but I really fell in love for Girl’s Day unnies and I’m proud. Someday I want to meet Girl’s Day Unnies..
    I wish all the best for Girl’s Day Unnies.

    Sorry if my english bad.

  40. Name: Martin Chandra
    Country: Indonesia

    Just now, I have watched Yura WGM ep.225, Spending time with Yura looks very fun.
    Ya! Kim Yura! why did you always laugh? hahaha. Do you really like Hong Jong Hyun? #first_real_WGM_couple #shipped.

    16 years ago, I was born to be a die hard fan of Girl’s Day!
    Thank’s to Girl’s Day, there is no more Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, because after Girl’s Day came, Everyday becomes a Girl’s Day!
    I will learn Korean and become a great business man.
    I do believe that age is only a number.
    So, I will make a decent proposal to Sojin noona.
    Sojin noona! marry me! hahaha

    All the best for Girl’s Day comeback!
    Girl’s Day Jjang!

  41. Name: Chris Harris (2리스)
    Country: USA

    Reason why: Whether I’m having a great day or a horrible day, Girl’s Day always makes it better with their songs, charm and charisma. 우리 단아한 리더 박소진의 목소리가 진짜 좋다! 소진아 사랑해요~ See you at the 4th Anniversary Concert~~~

  42. Name: Daniel (@AyoDai5y)
    Country: Brazil

    I’m a fan because girl’s day’s songs always cheer me up, they always make me happy when they appear on shows because of their bright personalities, they are an example of never giving up on your dreams and hardwork, I always feel inspired by them. I want to thank them because I can’t imagine my life without Girl’s Day.

    All the best for this comeback! I’ll always support you.
    Girl’s Day daebak!

  43. Name: Bill/준서
    Country: USA/대한민국

    I love Girl’s Day because their songs always lift my mood and make me smile no matter what ^_^. The group reminds me that even though it can be rough and hard at first like their debut, but with persistence and effort they can become stars like them! They encourage me to go on with my life and I can’t imagine living without their music or Minah’s smile ^_^.

    I’ll be cheering every step of the way, Girl’s Day 화이팅!
    민아 짱! <3

  44. Yes 22nd was the deadline, if you would like to submit a message you can do so now. We are currently working on the scrapbook and can add it.
  45. Name: Colin

    Reasons Why…
    I love Girls day so much that i feel that without them one day i will really feel empty
    i was not so into Korea music until i listen to their song and start to collect all their album and the first time i listen i am aready in love with their song and especially Minah she is always so cheerful , cute and beautiful and with that smile on her face <3<3<3<3 so much love for her .
    Girls day definitely inspired me by their hard work that they have shown they always give their fans the best and they work so hard to achieve their dream which is the 1st concert i could see them in tears of joy and they know that they have achieve what they want and more will come in the future right ?? Im really proud to be a Dai5y and able to join the fans and support them FIGHTING GIRLS DAY !!!!!

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