[Project #27] Girl’s Day “Everyday” Mini-Concert in Singapore Support

Girl’s Day Daily want to express their appreciation to everyone who helped in planning and preparing for Girl’s Day’s support! Special thanks to Brenda for helping with all preparations for Girl’s Day’s visit. The GDD Team in Singapore worked hard to make this a special first meeting with Girl’s Day and DAI5Y!

Girl’s Day Gifts:

Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs (4)
GDD (1)

GDD (8)

GDD (7)

GDD (6)

GDD (5)

GDD (4)


‘I Love SG’ Singapore T-Shirts (4)
GDD (11)


Doll Dress Up Game (4)
GDD (2)


Gift Bags (4)
GDD (10)


Girl’s Day in Singapore Support!
GDD (3)

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