Special Features

GDD’s tech manager Nevin has been busy at work on a few features to enhance the site and make it more accessible and user friendly for fans. We hope all enjoy these special features and put them to good use.


GDD Chrome Web App
This app was created as a shortcut to the Girl’s Day Daily site, once the app is installed you can access it anywhere on Desktop Chrome with your Google account.

DOWNLOAD: [GDD Chrome App]


GDD Image Downloader
Windows: v1.17 Beta 2
Mac: v1.0

Windows version requires .Net 4.5 Framework. You can download .Net 4.5 Framework from here.
Mac version runs on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above. Not tested on machine lower than 10.7.

Visitors of Girl’s Day Daily had shared some feedback recently and it led our tech manager to create this program. With the increase in media and fan coverage of Girl’s Day events and performances, this program will allow fans to rip all photos in our gallery within a selected post.

SUBMISSION OF BUGS REPORT: If you notice any bugs, please send an email to gdd_frozenfroze [at] outlook [dot] com. Please state the program version you are using, the machine operating system you are running, the link you tried to download and the message you received. It will be better if you can send a screenshot of the bug.

DOWNLOAD: [Windows] [Mac] [Program Guide]
Download Notice: Open the link and click on File then Download

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