[EVENT] DAI5Y Cafe: ‘Something’ Music Video YouTube Play Proof Shot Event

Dream Tea staff told us that the cafe events are open to international fans, thanks to Shirina who translated the guidelines for the YouTube Play Proof Shot Event.

Note: This event is being held by the DAI5Y cafe and winners will be chosen by cafe staff, Girl’s Day Daily only translated the event.

Girl's Day

To celebrate the release of Girl’s Day’s third mini album ‘Something’, we will be holding a YouTube play proof shot event. Please familiarize yourselves with the rules below. We hope that many Daisies will take part in this contest.

How to Participate:
Must be a member of the fancafe!
Check out How to create a daum account and How to level up on the cafe.
1) Watch the music video for ‘Something’ through the official Girl’s Day YouTube channel.

2) Take screenshots that show the date and time on your computer/phone at the following three points of playback: within 10 seconds of the music video’s start, 1 minute after that, and within 10 seconds of the music video’s end. Follow the examples below.

Sample Screenshots:
PC: [1] [2] [3]

iPhone: [1] [2]

Android: [1]

3) Include your fancafe nickname somewhere on each of the screenshots.

4) Post these labeled screenshots on the cafe’s ‘Youtube인증 (YouTube Proof Shot)’ message board.


Important Notes:
1) You must watch the music video on Girl’s Day’s official YouTube channel. Entries using uploads of the music video on other channels will be disqualified.

2) This contest is only for the ‘Something’ music video. Entries using any other music video will be disqualified.

3) You must watch the music video in its entirety, from beginning to end, no exceptions.


1st place: Polaroid photo + ‘Something’ signed album (1 winner)
2nd place: Polaroid photo (2 winners)
3rd place: ‘Something’ signed album (2 winners)


Important Dates:
1) The event will start at midnight KST on Friday January 3rd and end at midnight KST on Sunday January 5th.

2) The winners will be announced on Friday January 10th (Note: this is subject to change).

**Posts containing entries that do not follow the rules will be deleted from the message board. Although it wasn’t mentioned please only submit one entry.


Have fun with this event and here’s to Girl’s Day’s ‘Something’ song and music video being a success!

Note: ‘Something’ Proof of Purchase Event is open as well, however the guidelines are limited to Korean music stores and sites. Even so our albums won’t arrive in the mail until after the event’s deadline.


Source: DAI5Y Cafe
Translated By: Shirina