[INFO] 121109 Girl’s Day FanCafe Level Up Tutorial

Update: Do NOT include Jihae in the members list at point 2 in the application form.

Note: DAI5Y Fancafe rules are posted under the cut, Please read them fully before leveling up using this tutorial.

After submitting your level up form, check back in a few days to see if your status has gone up, or check the ‘등업실패’ board and retry if you see your post there.
If you fail to level up, don’t be discouraged from retrying! Sometimes the failure could be due to a very minor error that you just need to correct.

Also: If you do not have a daum ID, there are plenty of tutorials via google to make one!


Source: DAI5Y Cafe

4 thoughts on “[INFO] 121109 Girl’s Day FanCafe Level Up Tutorial

  1. My application got rejected because I wrote Jihae’s name there (although I specified she’s a former member). So BE CAREFUL AND DON’T DO LIKE I DID.

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