Former Girl’s Day Jisun Profile


Note: Jisun is an ex-member of Girl’s Day and all future updates can be found here on New.F.O’s official fanblog, newfiveorder.

Twitter: @NewfoJN Cyworld:

Name: 황지선 (Hwang Jisun)

Nickname: JN

Agency:Enterarts Global in association with 6Theory

Group: New.F.O (뉴에프오)

Position: Leader

Birthdate: October 17, 1989

Education: Keukdong College

Blood type: A

Hobbies: Stretching (before dance/exercise), Reading and doing choreography routine.

Skills: Free dance (a 20th century dance form that preceded modern dance) and Calligraphy.

What she likes: Shopping, Posing for the camera, to coordinate (clothes style), Dancing and Hip Hop Style

What she dislikes: The heat, Extreme cold temperature and bad odor/smell.

Song Covers:


Music Video:

Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head (갸우뚱 )

Girl’s Day – How do I look (나어때)


Girl’s Day Mini Album – Girl’s Day Party #1

Girl’s Day – Summer Special Edition


MBC Bouquet Variety Show

Kim Jeong Hoon Voice Call (Radio)

Photoshoot Magazine:

Esquire Magazine

Fun facts:

She left Girl’s Day because she wanted to study music more to find her own character in music (via twitter)

She’s very close with Jiin


Sources: Girlsday Cafedaum, Naver, Dreamtea official website, Observing from videos/articles
Translated and compiled By: achel@girlsdaydaily

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4 thoughts on “Former Girl’s Day Jisun Profile

  1. I was really sad when she left but I still support her descison I’m sure she’ll come back who knows maybe solo
  2. i really love her,,,
    eventhough i’m a girl,,
    jisun and jiin are best friends,,,
    so that’s why they left together,,,
  3. Yes Jisun & Jiin were best friends, I think that’s why they left together… If you watch the old Bouquet episodes, they hold hands & talk to each other, both of them were so close and Jisun,Jiin were my favs along with Minah.

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