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girls day yura

Twitter: @Girls_Day_Yura Cyworld:

Real Name: 김아영 (Kim Ah Young)

Name: 유라 (Yura)

Position: Leader Dance

Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Birthdate: November 6th, 1992

Education: Ulsan Art High School

Blood type: O

Height: 168cm

Personality: Cheerful, lively, and positive

Hobbies: Painting, Dancing & Listening to the music

Skills: Well-balance body shape (?), Outstanding dance skill

What she likes: Computer Games for which she got a gaming desktop build for $400 where she streams.

What she dislikes: Diet

How she became a member: Auditioned after being “cast” on an “ul-zzang” site

Ideal Type: Attentive, Has a sense of humor, and likes me (truly)

Role Model: Lee Seung Gi sunbae MC, variety, singing, acting, CF, acknowledged in all facets

Jinx: Gets pimples on a important days once in while

Habit: Shake my leg

Favorite Music: Quiet melodied piano-accompaniment song

Often visited place: Convenience store..?

Usual Fashion Style: Has a lot of fur

Friendly Entertainer: umm personally, same age and from the same place Kyung-Sang Do, Lizzy! (I want to be friends! [in blue])

Favorite Food: Meat! Meat! Meat!

Favorite Color: Strawberry milk color

Favorite number: 7

Favorite Movie: Action/Thriller

Favorite Motto: “This too shall pass.”


Song Covers:


Music Video:

Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever  (잘해줘봐야)


Girl’s Day Mini Album – Girl’s Day Party #2


MBC Bouquet Variety Show

Photoshoot Magazine:

Maxim Korea Magazine

Fun facts:

She’s the tallest in the group

She showed her no-make up face in Bouquet.

She has insurance for her legs, value of a 500,000,000 ? (~$449,000)

She was an ulzzang

Sometimes her Ulsan accent/satori comes out. So cute.

She is a Meat Maniac!


Sources: Girlsday Cafedaum, Naver, Dreamtea official website, Observing from videos/articles, the-star interview
Translated and compiled By: achel & Ricardox @girlsdaydaily

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37 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Yura Profile

  1. She’s my favorite. xD It’s hard to choose between her, Jihae and Hyeri, but Yura’s so calm and sweet… I love her. ^^
  2. Omg really? I didn’t know that she is an ulzzang/eoljjang :)
    But she kinda Looks like it ^^
    She is my Bias from Girls Day and I live to Pair her up with U-Kiss Eli
    Since I saw the 1st episode of “We are dating” and I’m going upset than.. :(
    Love u Yura <3
  3. Wow, Yura and I are really alike! I would love to have a chat with her and get to know her more.
    Yura <3~
  4. Yura I really like your lively .I don’t like diet girl too.Eat meat ha ha cute.I
  5. Yura forever, i love her especially in WGM ahyoung and jonghyun.. hope you can visit here in PH GirlsDay FIGHTING!
  6. yura saranghe :) eres la mejor me encanta tu personalidad eres alegre y muy positiva y siempre sacas lo mejor de las personas que están a tu alrededor, me encanta que seas tan tranquila en el escenario y que no quieras llamar la atención siempre. te deseo lo mejor y mucho éxito junto a Girls Day :D
  7. i wish she was my friend. then i will be happy whole day and become positive to face anything
  8. i want the best for my princess. wish she gain ideal BMI like hyeri in real man. hyeri seems fit. around 18.7 would be nice for her which means 53kg for her height. with that i hope she will be getting more cf’s and photoshot. i cannot stop dreaming for her. i hope she will next idol should be famous, even more famous than suzy & yoona
  9. I love Yura for being so positive and kind hearted. She is a cheerful person and I like it very much since I love happiness around me. Other than that, she is pretty and she loves pet like I do. Saranghae Yura-ssi! I wish to really see you in person. I want to do that! GsD fighting!

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