Girl’s Day Daily Team

The job titles are merely for our visitor’s knowledge, so they may have a better picture of how Girl’s Day Daily operates. The team works together as one to support Girl’s Day and make this a fun and happy place for DAI5Y. Thanks to the many daisies through the years who have started, helped build and improve Girl’s Day Daily. We appreciate the DAI5Y cafe staff and Girl’s Day fan communities who have contributed to the site.


Meet the team!
(Team currently on hiatus/retired.)

Tammy (California, USA) (@TaemiTamz)

Tech Admin/Developer:
Nevin (Singapore) (@frozenfroze)

Communications Admin:
Seany (Singapore) (@Seany0927)

Content Admin:
Dan (Singapore) (@dan1115_)

Cbox Moderator:
Phil (California, USA) (@kavansurf)

Graphic Designer:
Kevin (USA) (@_priZmatic)
Katy (North Carolina, USA) (@yuradaisies)
Nhes (Laguna, Philippines) (@NheSica)

Korean Translator:
Shirina (Illinois, USA) (@miraemeari)
Momo (USA)
Emmanuel (Philippines) (@GsDTuna)
Willie (Indonesia) (@adityaawillie)

Parker (Michigan, USA)
Kurt (Vancouver, Canada) (@tehruh)
Alkaid (Indonesia) (@amazingalg)
Ulani (Kentucky, USA) (@vitaMINAH_)