01♥. Girl’s Day Daily got recognized by Girl’s Day’s Manager on Aug 15th, 2010.


02♥. Girl’s Day Daily officially got recognized by Girl’s Day members on Oct 8th, 2010.


03♥. Girl’s Day revealed to be loyal readers of Girl’s Day Daily.


04♥. Girl’s Day sends an exclusive message to Girl’s Day Daily & Girl’s Day fans.


05♥. Manager Wony & Girl’s Day monitor Girl’s Day Daily.


06♥. 110328 Kwon Soon Wook (Metaoloz Director) thanked GDD and other fansites.


07♥. 110922 MnetKR Recognizes Girl’s Day Daily!


08♥. 120605 Minah visits Girl’s Day Daily!
Minah tweeted this picture.


09♥. 130421 Girl’s Day Daily officially listed on Girl’s Day’s Official Youtube Channel.


10♥. Girl’s Day Official, Yura, Minah and Hyeri follow Girl’s Day Daily’s Twitter.

11♥ Girl’s Day personal message to Girl’s Day Daily thru Signed CD


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