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Answered on 120521
Q: Does Sojin have a cyworld account?
A: Sojin at one time had a cyworld but due to personal reasons she deleted it. Note: Girl’s Day’s personal cyworld accounts are now either set to private or are not in use.

Answered on 120608
Q: How can I contact Hyeri, I would like to send her a personal message?
A: You may contact/leave a message for Hyeri on her twitter: @Girls_Day_Hyeri, if you wish to mail a letter to Hyeri or any member you can mail it to the Dream Tea Office.



Answered on 120824
Q: Why can’t I comment in the cbox?
A: Make sure that java is working properly and if you have already created a “profile” with the cbox application.

Answered on 130225
Q: How do I download files posted on GDD?
A: First you must be logged in with your GDD user account to have access to our download links. You will notice we have Mediafire and Mega links. Magnets are posted when available but often do not last long.


We will update with more Frequently Asked Questions in the future.

15 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Do u have dreamtea entertainment address?? If yes, will u please send it to me? I would be very happy. Please.
    Thank you.
  2. Address: Dream Tea Entertainment, 4th floor SH Building, 108-6, Nonhyeon 2-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Zip code: 135-820
    Phone: +82 2-3452-2525

    If sending a gift to a specific member make sure to address it as Girl’s Day (Member Name)

  3. 걸스데이 이번주 금요일에 대구경북대학교 축제온다는제 몇시에 하는지 알려주세요
  4. @김현준: 시간 : 2014년 9월 5일(금) 오후 8시30분.
    장소 : 경북 대학교 대구캠퍼스.
    비고 : 외부인도 축제 참가 가능합니다.
    축제는 5시에 시작하고 8시 30분쯤에 걸스데이 공연이 시작할 거라고 예상됩니다.
  5. What is the Dream Tea Entertainment e-mail address where I can send a e-mail to Girl’s Day? Because at the website the only one that is there is for auditions…
  6. Any suggestions on visiting DreamTea, I know when i go to Korea that is one of the places i want to visit. Does Girls Day record there? or an off site studio?
  7. Hello, I come from HK and I will go Seoul on 21/3。From the girls day calendar, I know minah has a fansign event in mokdong on 21/3, how can I get more details of the event and how can I join this event?
  8. Can I know what time is the fansign start? Will Minah perform I’m a woman too there? Is it open to public? Can I just go mokdong to watch her performance and don’t join the fansign event on 21/3?
  9. Fansigns are usually held in a theater or hall, so it is not open to the public. However, when the fansign is held at a mall or bookstore it’s usually open because it’s a public place. The times are listed in the link above.

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