Girl’s Day Fansite/Blog

The DAI5Y family continues to grow; check out this list of Girl’s Day fansites, blogs, and cafes from around the world.

Official Sojin Fancafe (Lover Flower)
Lovely Sojin (Previous cafe)

Official Yura Fancafe (Yura’s Marbling)

Official Minah Fancafe (Angelic Smile)

Official Hyeri Fancafe (Hera)

Girl’s Day DC Gallery (Sojin Fansite) (Foreign fans can join.)

SojinDOT (Sojin Fansite) (Foreign fans can join.)

Yuraday (Yura Fansite) (Minah Fansite) (Foreign fans can join.) (Minah Fansite) (Foreign fans can join.)

DELICATO (Hyeri Fansite) (Closed)

Everydaygirlsday (Closed)

Girls Talker (Closed) (Minah Fansite) (Closed)

6:09 (Hyeri Fansite) (Closed)

Everyday Girl’s Day JP

Girl’s Day News

Girl’s Day Thailand

Girl’s Day Singapore

Girl’s Day Malaysia (Facebook Page)

Girl’s Day Italy (Facebook Page)

Girl’s Day Indonesia

Girl’s Day Peru (Facebook Page)

Girl’s Day Philippines (Facebook Page)

Diario Girl’s Day – Mexico

◘ Girl’s Day Chile (Facebook Page)

Girl’s Day Spain | tumblr

◘ Girl’s Day Arab

Girl’s Day News Instagram

Girl’s Day France

Girl’s Day Poland

Girl’s Day Russia and Ukraine

Girl’s Day Germany (Facebook Page)

Girl’s Day Sweden (Facebook Page)

fyeahyura (Tumblr)

Girl’s Day Polish (Facebook Page) | Twitter

To be updated.

Dream Tea Family:

Support Jevice~

Voice Jewels – GDD’s sister site | @voicejewels

FYeahJevice (Closed)

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