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Twitter: @girls_day_minah Cyworld:

Name: 방민아 (Bang Minah)

Position: Lead Vocal

Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Birthdate: May 13, 1993

Family: Father, Mother, (Older) Sister, Puppy

Education: Young-Gwang Kindergarten – Sung-Gee Elementary – North Inchon Girls Middle School – Jin-Sun Girls High School

Blood type: O

Height: 165 cm

Hobbies: Watching Movies and making facial expression,dancing, Listening to Music

Skills: Acting Cute, Piano, dancing, singing, impersonating Lena Park

What she likes: Eyeglasses (Nerdy glasses), Hats, something tasty (foods) and animals.

What she dislikes: Getting nag at and weighting scale

Personality: Hmmm… Seems easy going but more timid than most

How she became a member: While attending Vocal Training School, the principal founded a company so I came with him. So in reality, amongst the members, I’m the most senior. Something only I know.

Ideal Type: Someone who has sense and listens

Role Model: Beyonce, Lee Hyori, Kim Dong Ryul l

Jinx: Whenever I go to the broadcast center, stomach really hurts

Favorite Music: It’s changes with time but currently listening to “white people music” (in white)

Place often visited: Dance room

Usual Fashion: Casual, Vintage…?

Friendly Entertainer: Becoming friends with Rainbow’s JaeKyoung unnie.

Favorite Food: As long as it is hot (spicy).

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Number: 3

Favorite Movie: Notebook

Favorite Motto: You get what you put into it.


Song Covers:

– 임정희 – Happy People (Click Here)

– Karina – Slow Motion (Click Here)

– Kim Bum Soo – Bogoshipda (Click Here)

– Navi – I love you (Click Here)

– SNSD – Gee (Click Here)

– JYP – I have a girl (Click Here)

– Keyshia Cole – Love (Click Here) (Click Here)

– Ann – One Sided Love (Click Here)

– Beyonce – Irreplaceable (Click Here & Here)

– Park Jeong Eun – U Just (Click Here)

– JYP – 나 돌아가 (Click Here)

– Kim Bum Soo – Bogoshipda Cover Song(Click Here)

Music Video:

Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head (갸우뚱 )

Girl’s Day – How do I look (나어때)

Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever  (잘해줘봐야)

Argo Soundtrack – Cracked Moon (갈라진 달)

Jungle Fish 2 Soundtrack – Just Once


Girl’s Day Mini Album – Girl’s Day Party #1

Girl’s Day – Summer Special Edition

Girl’s Day Digital Single – Girl’s Day Party #2

Argo Original Soundtrack (OST)

Jungle Fish 2  Original Soundtrack (OST)


MBC Bouquet Variety Show

Kukitv Bling Bling Girl’s Day

KBS Star Golden Bell with Jihae

MBC Wonderwoman

KBS Star Making Survival (Cf Audition)

MBC Cham Story

Upcoming Korean Dance Movie ‘Performer’

Photoshoot Magazine:

Esquire Magazine

Maxim Korea Magazine

Fun facts:

She loves Selca!

She loves to wear lensless glasses

She said she loves singing and acting

She has an angelic smile

She’s a kkab girl version of Jo Kwon

She likes to dance to part of ‘Change by Hyuna’ song

She can poop in under 30 seconds (which means, she’s healthy!)


Sources:  Girlsday Cafedaum, Naver, Dreamtea official website, Observing from videos/articles
Translated and compiled by: achel@girlsdaydaily

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  1. what is Minah weight ? can someone send me the details in @Mickyilya on twitter
  2. Minah ah!!!!!
    u’re a good singer^__^..i luv u very much much much…^0^
    Girl’s Day fighting…!!!
    Minah fighting~~~
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  3. min ah is such a cute n beauty singer eva…love her cheerful attitude…but why some ppl call her aegyo is fake?i dont understand..her aegyo is naturally cute..
  4. Minah noona <33333….i don't know why i love you so much…..i don't know why i think of you everyday……i don't know why i miss you everytime i wake up…..sure i a little bit crazy because of you,noona XDDDDDD
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