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Twitter: @girls_day_Sojin Cyworld:

Name: 박소진 (Park Sojin)

Position: Girl’s Day Leader and Main Vocal

Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Birthdate: May 21, 1986

Education: Yeongnam University (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

School Graduates: Ahyun Elementary School, Seobu Girls’ Middle School, Kyungduk Girls’ High School, Yeungnam University

Family relationships: Parents, Younger brother (With her brother?) (With her Mom) (Singing with her mom)

Blood type: AB

Height: 167 cm

Family relationships: Parents, Younger brother

Hobbies: Cleaning, searching for a good song, writing music, browsing youtube video, Shopping, eating snacks  and playing piano

Skills: Piano and Calligraphy

Personality: Clear Likes and Dislikes. Really cheerful. Sadness and anger is clearly expressed. Endures anything can be endured.

What she likes: Dress, Cuttlefish, Violet, Disney Animation and Reading Magazine.

What she dislikes: Annoying things, Dirty, Bugs and Rats/Mice

How she was selected to be a member: Coincidentally by introduction to a sound engineer.

Ideal Type: Has strong eyes, definite point of view, faithful and attentive person

Role Model: Um Jung Hwa. long time leader of her generation. Abundant expressiveness and depth

Jinx: When there is a music broadcast or singing schedule, wears black underwear. (Secret. ke)

Habit: Says “Um-Chung” a lot (means “a lot” or “really”)

Music Enjoyed: Soul, Neo Soul, Hip Hop, R&B

Place often visited: Dorm… company… practice room… wah! (Before it was always Hong-Dae)

Usual Fashion Style: Casual, Vintage, I like eye-catching and different things.

Friendly Entertainer: I would like to find friends of same age born in 86

Favorite Food: Beef, Chicken, Seafood

Favorite Color: Black, white, purple

Favorite Number: 5 Looks so cute. round and round

Favorite Movie: Love Actually

Favorite Motto: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist

Song Covers:

Rihanna – Umbrella [Youtube] [Youtube]

Lim Jeong Hee – 눈물이 안났어 Piano Version [Youtube]

Davichi 8282 (ft Minah) – [Youtube]

Music Video:

Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head (갸우뚱 ) [Click here]

Girl’s Day – How do I look (나어때) [Click here]

Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever  (잘해줘봐야) [Click Here]


Girl’s Day Mini Album – Girl’s Day Party #1 [Control Lyric] [Shuppy Shuppy Lyric] [Tilt My Head Lyric]

Girl’s Day – Summer Special Edition [How Do I Look Lyric]  [DOWNLOAD MV]

Girl’s Day Digital Single – Girl’s Day Party #2 [Nothing Lasts Forever MV & LYRIC]

Road for Hope Collaboration – ‘Gift’ [YOUTUBE] [LYRIC]

Flame of Desire OST Part 3 – Sojin’s Version of ‘Gilme – Our love like this’ [LYRIC] [YOUTUBE]


MBC Bouquet Variety Show

KBS Road for Hope [Live Performance] [PICS/Cover&BTS of MV]

Shimshimtapa Radio (with her mom)  [Official Picture] [Live singing with her mom]

Kukitv Bling Bling Girl’s Day [RAW EP1]

Mnet Beatles Code with Minah [RAW 101125] [Official Pictures]

Love Chaser Ep 12 [RAW 101118]

Mnet Japan ‘Girl’s Day Kira Kira Slim’ [ENG SUB EP 1/110104] [RAW EP 2/110111]

Photoshoot Magazine:

Esquire Magazine [CLICK HERE]

Maxim Korea Magazine [CLICK HERE]

Fun facts:

Likes to eat!

She’s the oldest in the group but she acts like a magnae :)

She has big eyes!

She’s the 2nd tallest in the group

She had difficulty doing the splits on her first performance of NLF but she’s getting better at it!

She knows how to put together a car. (She has welded/soldered before.)

She is one of  the 8 girls among 800 students in her engineering class.

She has a really cute eye smile

She can impersonate a ‘Yorkshire Terrier’ dog sound.

She can impersonate a monkey.

Her waist is only 20 1/2 inches (PIC HERE)

She has rapping skills.

She likes to knit.

Her favorite rain boots is this


01. If there’s broadcast schedule, I must wear black underwear (secret hehe) (Girl’s Day Sojin / the-star profile)

02. You’ll get punished if you throw away a food flyer ad, that means life itself. (Girl’s Day Sojin / The-Star Interview)

03. I am Sim~~~ba. *laughs* I’m Simba! (Girl’s Day Sojin / Mnet Star Cam)

04. Kids, when will you guys be here. Unnie is really hungry. (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sojin Cyworld)

05. …There’s nothing that I do not want to eat; I can’t think of anything I want to eat. TTTTTTTT Is there foods that are delicious and healthy? huhu^^ (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sojin Twitter)

06. nuttin’ nuttin’ nuttin’ (Girl’s Day Sojin / The-Star Interview)

07. Girl’s Day, it’s like having fun everyday when you dance and sing; it’s like a party. We would like everyone to enjoy themselves while listening to our song. (Girl’s Day Sojin / YTN Star News)

08. Hey Lime, what’s with the picture which shows you eating meals, you look poor there, why don’t you inquire after me? *shikshin leader* (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sojin Twitter)

09. Ah! I realize the meaning of the ring is DIAMONDS!! ^^ (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sojin Twitter)

10. Yah! You seriously look like a hotdog and a banana! TT TT *thinking of food* (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sojin Twitter)

11. I hope all your wishes come true in the new year ^^, and I hope Girl’s Day receive more love in the new year. (Girl’s Day Sojin / Nate – 2011 Messages)

12. The picture of mixed noodles on the noodle restaurant banner in the snow, why does it look delicious? Gulp’ㅡ’* (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sojin’s Twitter)

13. I always wondered whether we would have been known to more people if only we didn’t get caught up in a controversy for our vocals. We’re so very thankful that our fans gave us the nickname ‘reversal idols,’ though. (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sports Today)

14. Things that only Girl’s Day can show, Girl’s Day’s own things, I’d like to do these things…Will it make me sound greedy if I say them..? I believe that myself and my sisters, can do it, and will do it…. (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sojin’s Twitter)

15. My age is…hm…secret! (Girl’s Day Sojin / GD Kira Kira Slim Ep. 1)

16. My personality is, I have my distinct likes and dislikes. I like what I like, and dislike what I dislike. Ah I like it. Ah I dislike it. It’s one of the two for me. (Girl’s Day Sojin / GD Kira Kira Slim Ep. 1)

17. We’ve had hard moments and happy moments. I’m so grateful of you to have overcome those. (Girl’s Day Sojin / GD Kira Kira Slim Ep. 1)

18. I like seafood n fruits n korean food n junk food n … Umm actually.. I like everything … T T (Girl’s Day Sojin / Twitter Reply)

19. I’m not what I used to be. Where am I…? (Girl’s Day Sojin / Sojin’s Cyworld Entry)

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Sources:  Girlsday Cafedaum, Naver, Dreamtea official website, Observing from videos/articles, the-star interview
Translated and compiled By: Achel, Tammy, Sen & Ricardox @girlsdaydaily

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22 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Park Sojin Profile (걸스데이의 박소진 프로파일)

  1. wow so much facts put the last time i got here. thanks for the facts. Sojin is awesome she doesnt look her age either.
  2. I love her. She’s my favorite out of Girls Day. She’s not only pretty, she has such a beautiful raspy low voice not common to girl groups. “Sojin is one of the 8 girls among 800 students in her engineering class… She knows how to put together a car. (She has welded/soldered before.)” Not only that she’s smart too! AND SHE KNITS! Ahh. I have a girl crush on her. She’s so pretty & cool! :)
  3. I knew some of the info here, but I just discovered those profile pages, sorry :) I learned a lot though. I’m very impressed.

    Did she get her Mechanical Engineering diploma yet?

  4. Hi,everyone! This is my first time message in this forum and I come from Hong Kong. I like Girl’s Day so much. However, I can not buy their album in Hong Kong. So I hope can find it in this forum, thanks a lot!
    Please email for me if they have way for buy it.
  5. I really love this Girl <3 she always cought my attetion.. she has a unique personality…she can act cute, seductive,and innocent leader !!! i love her wide smile and big eyes .
    saranghae SOJIN <3
  6. Kyaaaahh Sojin is my favorite among the girls !!

    I love her so muchh ! . Wow FUN FACTS she’s really awesome ..

    can you update more Fun Facts,Quotes and Cover of sojin ?? Im looking forward for it.


  7. 안녕 내 이름 Sojin 공원은 내가 미국 텍사스 출신 만 나는 당신이 내가 텍사스 OK LOVE YOU 여기에 당신의 가장 큰 팬이 당신이 보는 방법 당신이 상태에서 수행하는 방법을 사랑하고 너무 뜨거운 것을 알려 주마 리처드입니다
  8. Have just known that Sojin noona’s IQ is 137 *clap clap clap… no wonder she enrolled in a mechanical engineering.. manse! manse! manse!
    She is also smarter than Han Sun Hwa in multiplication.. Sojin noona jjaaanngggg!!
  9. “I would like to find friends of same age born in 86”, really disapointed :(
    I’m 1990, what should i do then to make us closer?
    look at me as a man, not a dongsaeng please..
  10. sojin is my favorite member! she has everything!!! the brain,looks, and talent!!
    btw. im a civil engineering student from philippines. one of the reasons why i love sojun is that we are both engineer…hahahahaha!! love you sojin!
  11. I really love Sojin unnie :) I love her voice, her looks, and the way she dance. She has the brain and talents. Keep fighting Sojin unnie! How I wish you could have a concert in our country (Philippines) :)

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