[LYRICS] Girl’s Day Minah – ‘Cracked the Moon (갈라진 달)’ (Argo OST)

Argo OST
‘Cracked the Moon (갈라진 달)’
Other title: Split Moon

흐르는 강물에 비친 저 달은 갈라진채 둘이되어 다른 꿈을 꾸네
한숨에 차갑게 얼어버린 생명의 힘바람 한줌에 불어오는 달빛
결코 나눌 수 없어
어둠에 갇힌 우리의 운명
아파도 아픈줄 모르고 서로의 심장 겨눠야만 하나
진정 하날 순 없나
유일한 희망 어스듐을 찾아
상처 가득한 얼룩진 세상 가슴 터질 듯 원해도
한조각 남은 꿈 눈물이 되어흩어져 멀어지네

heureuneun gangmure bichin jeo dareun gallajinchae duridoeeo dareun kkumeul kkune
hansume chagapge eoreobeorin saengmyeongui himbaram hanjume bureooneun dalbit
gyeolko nanul su eobseo
eodume gachin uriui unmyeong
apado apeunjul moreugo seoroui simjang gyeonwoyaman hana
jinjeong hanal sun eomna
yuilhan huimang eoseudyumeul chaja
sangcheo gadeukhan eollukjin sesang gaseum teojil deut wonhaedo
hanjogak nameun kkum nunmuri doeeoheuteojyeo meoreojine

The moon is reflected by the running river. Cracked in two different dreams.
The power of life is frozen in a breath. The moonlight is carried by a wind.
Never to be divided.
Our fate is trapped in the dark.
Being hurt, but defying pain. Why should we aim at each other’s hearts?
Can’t we truly be the one.
Searching for earthdium; our only hope.
Full of scars, a world of stain. Praying with our whole heart.
A piece of a dream, into tears scattered far away.
*earthdium is a name of resource in the game


Source: cyworld
Romanization By: achel
Translated By: sen

2 thoughts on “[LYRICS] Girl’s Day Minah – ‘Cracked the Moon (갈라진 달)’ (Argo OST)

  1. I remembered when this came out people were surpriased by her singing, even though I knew she could sing she still amazed me lol after hearing this people started to be a little more open about Minah

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