[Trans] 100910 Jihae Cyworld + Jisun&Jiin Replies

[Translations are rough and may contain errors.]


Translation: -Skip to the last paragraph-

And also, One last love… Mimi.. Ssoji (?) Unnie, our bread..

I love you.. I love you .. I love you… Seriously

Thank you for the gifts you gave us…

Okay i gave up translating the entry above. I’m afraid I would give a very nonsense translations :( So if anyone can help translating this.. feel free to post a comment <3333 I would be very appreciate it! ^^



#1 (top) Jiin’s reply= I love you. From now on, bling bling fighting, last one!

#1 (below) Jisun’s reply= My friend Jihae, I love you too!

Source: Jihae Cyworld
Translated: achel@girlsdaydaily

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