[Pics/Trans] 100920 Girl’s Day Tweets

[Translations are rough and may contain errors.]

오늘 연휴맞이 자유시간. cgv 에 영화보러왔는데 뽑기하겠다고 동전바꾼다고 줄서고 있네요..창피함 ㅜㅜㅋㅋ

Translation: Today is our free time because we have a long holiday. We are going to watch a movie at the cgv, now we’re standing here trying to change bills to coins..Embarrassing ㅜㅜke ke


오늘은 자유시가자유시간! cgv에서!

Translation: Today is a free time! At the cgv!

Source: @girls_day
Translated By: achel

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