[Announcement] Girl’s Day Members Officially Know Girlsdaydaily Fanblog!!

Dear Girlsdaydaily readers,

Maybe this is just nothing and not so important announcement for some of you.  But this is really a big deal for me, when I saw girl’s day members saw my blog and recognized it in the video posted below,  then I thought… This is one of the happiest moments for me! Yes, yes I cried… because I was so happy! It’s like a dream really! :D

So thanks for those who supports girlsdaydaily and Girl’s Day! Especially thanks for my loyal visitors!!<3.  I really appreciate it! and Of course Girl’s Day too… Perhaps they might be reading this as well hehe!~~


THANK YOU GIRL’S DAY! 사랑해! 고마워! 화이팅!!!!!! :D

girlsdaydaily part starts around ~0:27

So much thanks for edaily.co.kr <3

♥ achel

3 thoughts on “[Announcement] Girl’s Day Members Officially Know Girlsdaydaily Fanblog!!

  1. Congratulations achel :D

    This is the best source for us girl’s day fans. Thank you very much for all the hard work!

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