[Trans] 101008 Girl’s Day 걸스데이 will perform at Pusan International Film Festival together with DJ Doc & Lee Sang

[Translations are rough and may contain errors.]

Girl group, Girl’s Day, will be performing in ‘Cinematic Love’ concert opening stage in Pusan International Film Festival.


The 15th Pusan International Film Festival will be held on October 9, at 9pm until 2am at Busan Cinema Studio. “2010 Cinematic love”‘s first decorated stage.


In 2005 Pusan International Film Festival was started abroad with the best musician and DJs, attracted many people because of the fresh performances.


This time, Girl’s Day together with DJ Doc and Lee Sang scheduled to perform in Pusan International Film Festival, and will give the best performances as what the audience expecting.


There will not only be performances but also there will be Shibuya K, the DJ master, Tomoyuki Tanaka, project group FPM (Fantastic Plastic Machine and many other DJ will also be there. ‘Cinematic Love’ Party will end around 2AM.


Meanwhile, Girl’s Day debuted with ‘Gyauttung’ followed by their single album ‘How do I Look’ and has been participate in many activities. They have been success and gain popularity from MBC entertainment program ‘Bouquet’.



Source: Seoulntn.com
Translated By: achel@girlsdaydaily

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