[Teasers] [MV] Girl’s Day “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Girl’s Day will be making their comeback to the music scene in early November.


We can expect the release of their new MV on October 29. Until then enjoy the teaser below of their new song Nothing Lasts Forever (잘해줘봐야)!


Teaser #1:





Teaser #1: [MEGAUPLOAD] [MEDIAFIRE] 1080p

Teaser #2: [MEGAUPLOAD] 1080p


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2 thoughts on “[Teasers] [MV] Girl’s Day “Nothing Lasts Forever”

  1. Is teaser #1 the same song/MV as teaser #2? concepts seem different in each teaser. It would be cool if they release two MV.

    I love how the song sounds. I have teaser 2 on replay. My favourite member was Ji In, but since she left I think I fell in love with Minah now (I will always love Ji In though.) Minah’s vocals are so strong… and she’s rockin’ the bangs!

    Just three more days. Can’t wait.

  2. im not sure myself…
    ‘be good to me’ might be the name of the album
    and as far as i know, ‘nothing lasts forever’ is the title of their new songs..

    either there will be 2 MVs or 1 MV, we just need to find that out on the 29th!! can’t wait! lalalala~~~ nothing laaaaaaaaasttts~~

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