[Caps] 101023 Jihae & Yura – Girl’s Day Short Video

During the Girl’s Day Short Video, Jihae and Yura share an adorable moment together. I look forward to more moments with this pairing as they get closer with each other.


awww Yura is hugging Jihae.

Sojin & Minah are in the background holding hands. <3


Source: girlsday5

2 thoughts on “[Caps] 101023 Jihae & Yura – Girl’s Day Short Video

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute! adorable! I guess this is the 2nd time I noticed Yura hugging one of GD members :p
  2. keke, I am looking forward to way more moments between the girls. I’m a pairings fanatic, I’ll admit that!

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