[Streaming/DL] 101101 Jihae Special Dance Video

Girl’s Day is preparing for their comeback on November 4th and they are already bringing much attention to it with the release of their first Special Video. Jihae’s Dance Video is a must see! Jihae’s dance is filled with her charisma, energy and passion. You can tell Jihae is ready for their comeback and so are we!


She also shakes it like nobody’s business. <3



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2 thoughts on “[Streaming/DL] 101101 Jihae Special Dance Video

  1. Hey ^^
    I wanted to ask…the video isn’t viewable in my country…are u going to provide download links? *-*
    I really want to see Jihae dancing~ <3
    And thank u for giving all those infos and updates for us fans ^^
    I just recently found this blog ^^
    So thank u thank u thank u!

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