[Trans] 101106 Hyeri Tweet Update!

[Translations are rough and may contain errors.]

컴백무대를 너무 떨려서 제대로 못한거같아서 아쉬워용ㅠ_ㅠ오늘 음악중심도 예쁘게 봐주실거죠~?^^ 언니들이랑 저도 열심히하려고 노력하고 있슴당..ㅎㅎ예쁘게 봐주세용~~^^ 요새 날씨가 쌀쌀하네용ㅠㅠ 감기조심하세요!!^ㅁ^

Translation: I was so nervous for comeback stage and thought that I didn’t do that well. I’m so sorry/sad ㅠ_ㅠ Will you watch us in today’s Music Core  as well~?^^ Me and the unnies will try to work harder.. Haha Pleaase love us prettily~~^^ The weather is pretty chilly latelyㅠㅠ Take care not to catch cold!!^ㅁ^


Source: @girls_day_hyeri
translated By: achel@girlsdaydaily

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