[Trans] 101107 Yura Tweet Update

[Translations are rough and may contain errors.]

안녕하세요여러분!!! 헤헤 이렇게 많은분들이 축하해주시고 응원해주시다니 꺄 감동입니다!!!!!!! >_________<* 정말 끝까지 최선을다하겠습니다 전 여러분들이 있어서 너무 햄볶해용!!! 사랑합니다용♥

Translation: Hello everyone!!! Hehe Many of you has been cheering and congratulate my birthday kyaaaa I’m deeply moved !!!!!!!>_________<* I will seriously do my best until the very end and because of everyone I’m really happy!!! I love you guys♥


Source: @girls_day_yura
translated By: achel

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