[CAPS] Hyunyoung’s High Heels Talk Show – Girl’s Day Sojin

Sojin was a guest on this show some time back. Much thanks to achel for finding this episode, it was almost impossible to find! Since this is a rare video enjoy the awesome never-before-seen Sojin moments.


Sojin <3

I’ve noticed this is Sojin’s mannerism when she gets embarrassed.

I love her big and bright eyes.

Sojin unnie is so pretty!

Apparently she claps like Nicole from Kara. >.<

Ooh I love her nail polish. She’s always looking her best!

Sojin’s beautiful alien eyes!

Sojin: “keke…” Dorky Leader. <3

Sojin is so mature at times and yet sometimes acts more like the maknae.


screencapped By: achel@girlsdaydaily

One thought on “[CAPS] Hyunyoung’s High Heels Talk Show – Girl’s Day Sojin

  1. Sojin unnie is absolutely beautiful. I love her dorkyness and how sometimes she doesn’t seem like the leader. keke. <3

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