[CAPS] Jihae+Hyeri Pairing – Nothing Lasts Forever Making Film

Jihae and Hyeri made a debut as a pairing in this Making Film! This was a surprising couple who had a lot of chemistry. It’s nice to see that all the members are getting along well with each other and becoming closer.


HaeRi, aww side hug! <3

Maknae wants a kiss. *bobo*

The backhug is really the best kind of hug.

They look so happy playing together.

Jealous Minah Attacks!

Minah wanted to join the fun.

Minah: “Jihae unnie is mine.” *whack!*

Hyeri: *laughs*

Hyeri: “Minah unnie, you crack me up!”

I want to frame this picture. keke..too cute.


Source: girlsday5
screencapped By: Tammy@girlsdaydaily

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