[CAPS] Yura – Nothing Lasts Forever Making Film

Yura really stole the show in the behind the scenes MV! From the beginning she made us laugh with her Helium antics and she warmed our hearts throughout the rest of the video with her playfulness.


Yura overly enthusiastic about the Helium. It was definitely her first time.

Simply beautiful.

It’s pictures like this that make my heart waver..Sorry Sojin. >.<

She reminds me a little of Kim Yeo Hee in this shot.

Yura loves Bubbles. keke..

Wow, Yura’s smile here is just the best and Minah is as adorable as ever.

lol! She’s enjoying the Splash Party.


Source: girlsday5
screencapped By: Tammy@girlsdaydaily

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