[Streaming] 101108 Nothing Lasts Forever Making Film

We must thank @Girls_Day for fulfilling the wishes of girlsdaydaily. Right after the MV was released GDD asked Girl’s Day management to release a behind the scenes video of Nothing Lasts Forever. Today the fans’ wishes were granted. Enjoy the Making Film: The Bathtub Scenes!


Kyaaa, it is finally here! Girl’s Day as always is very adorable! <3


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2 thoughts on “[Streaming] 101108 Nothing Lasts Forever Making Film

  1. dễ thương quá ! lúc minah hất bong bóng của Yoora, mặt minah vs yoora dễ thương quá :X
  2. 너무 귀여워! 에 거품이 민 아 유 라스를 유 민 아 너무 귀여운와 라스의 얼굴을 터뜨 렸 !!!! :x :X :-*

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