[PICS] 101111 M!Countdown – Girl’s Day

Will update this with more pictures if available :)

Left to right: Hyeri, Jihae, Sojin, Minah & Yura

Jihae, tell us the “real reason” why you wear the sunglasses. (Inspired by @insectdude)

Minah: “No airtime for you maknae.” *jumps around*

Yura: “You know you want this.”

Minah: *Rock on* 

Hyeri: “Weeee. Music shows are fun.”

Jihae: *dances around*

Minah: *In her own little world* Minah please remember this is Psy’s party.

Minah: “Yah! Move over maknae.” *bumps*

Hyeri: “Waah, unnie is scary.”

Girl’s Day, A Moment in the Spotlight.


Sojin: “Finally my solo is complete.” *Thinking about Yura’s embrace.*

Yura: “Sojin unnie, it’s just part of the choreography. No need to cling to me.”

Sojin: *Slyly moves in closer.*

Minah: “Phew, what a party.”

Jihae: *Stares* “Uh huh…”

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2 thoughts on “[PICS] 101111 M!Countdown – Girl’s Day

  1. I am here to talk about the picture Jihae why you wear the sunglasses. She wear it is because she had a skin allergy in that time, so she wear sunglasses it to save Girl’s Day images !!!

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