[Streaming/HD] 101111 MCountdown Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever

Girl’s Day has their first comeback performance on MCountdown. I would say this has been their most polished performance yet. The Girls are really giving their all in their current promotions of Nothing Lasts Forever; I hope they can continue on with these efforts and receive more positive attention.



Sojin and Yura finally shared their “embrace”! I have been waiting for this moment! SoYu <3!

Sojin actually did the full splits! Very impressed! keke


Source: GirlsDayTV
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One thought on “[Streaming/HD] 101111 MCountdown Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever

  1. No offense, but i think they should not do the embrace.
    I hope they don’t do it on other music shows cause knowing MBC, KBS and Inki’s new rule, they would probably ban them.

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