[Streaming/DL] 101111 MCountdown Girl’s Day Party with Psy

I loved when the Girls started celebrating Psy’s win! They ended up dancing around with each other and other artists. This encore stage looked more like a party.


It’s a Girl’s Day Party!!



(Will upload better version if available.)


Source: GirlsDayTV
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One thought on “[Streaming/DL] 101111 MCountdown Girl’s Day Party with Psy

  1. Hi, I’ve become a brand new fan of Girl’s day thank to their new song! And I’m so glad I found this awesome blog for Girl’s day(found by google hehe).

    So I have a couple of questions. Is this site operated all by yourself? or by others? Furthermore, I read some posts from here and realized that you’re almost perfect at reading korean because you did translate all member’s korean tweets. How do I know that? Cause I’m korean. :) So I assume you’re korean, right? Um I apologize if you’re not.

    I think this site is so helpful for collecting informations from Girl’s day. I will try to visit here as often as possible. Thank you for reading and keep up the good work!

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