[CAPS] 101113 Music Core Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever

Girl’s Day rocked the Music Core stage tonight! Their stage outfits have been receiving a lot of positive feedback lately. We must find out who their stylists are and thank them for making Girl’s Day look even more stunning than usual. Here are a few screencaps of their performance.


Hyeri is our little Seungyeon.

Sojin looked especially beautiful this evening.

I love Jihae+Yura’s couple dance! Help me pick a good pairing name for them. <3

The cameraman was a little more focused on Sojin this evening…and so was I.

In this shot she reminds me of the cop from Terminator. Jihae is ready to takeover!

Minah can really hit the high notes and this is why she’s the Main Vocal.


screencapped By: Tammy@girlsdaydaily

4 thoughts on “[CAPS] 101113 Music Core Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever

  1. Our beautiful, charming girls! Hyeri really looks like seungyeon from Kara(my favorite group) judging from the first screencap. :D
  2. Oh… it’s true that HyeRi looks like SeungYeon =O

    These pictures are so pretty :) Need a pairing name for JiHae & YuRa ? Most of the time, pairing names are a mix of both names… So it can be YuJi, YuHae, JiRa, JiYu… YuHae sounds good, but it sounds like a boy name ? haha… Don’t know XD

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