[Streaming/HD] 101113 Music Core Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever

Girl’s Day hit the stage tonight with even more fierceness and charisma! I know I say this after every performance but this was one of my favorites. Sojin’s Solo was left out but it was still an awesome performance. The White-Leopard outfits were amazing and really unexpected! I love that Girl’s Day is reinventing themselves in every performance. Each time they show a little more confidence. Lets continue supporting these girls and sending them supportive comments through Twitter.


I kept Suji & Jiyeon’s intro for Girl’s Day because it was too cute!



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2 thoughts on “[Streaming/HD] 101113 Music Core Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever

  1. Like the outfits but they cut a part of the song out and transition to Mina’s long note is awkward because of it. Hopefully they wont continue to cut that part out.
  2. I hope they’ll perform the full song… I don’t like it when they cut it !! This song is too good and I need long performances :D

    They look so great today, as usual :) First performance for NLF was great, but everytime they perform it, it’s always better and better… Keep improving Girl’s Day !!~~ You’ll be popular someday :)

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