[GIVEAWAY] 100th Day of Girlsdaydaily! [CLOSED]

In celebration of  Girlsdaydaily’s 100th Day we will be sponsoring a giveaway. Girlsdaydaily will be turning 100 Days on November 22, 2010 and we  would like to take this time to thank all our readers who have been supporting Girl’s Day and this blog. We will be giving away one copy of the Maxim magazine with the Girl’s Day Photoshoot.



How to Enter:

1. Follow on Twitter: 


@Girls_Day & Members: SojinJihaeYuraMinahHyeri

2. Subscribe on Youtube (Optional):

Girl’s Day Official


3. Post a comment below with your;



Favorite member in Girl’s Day:




Minah and Yura



– Must be 17+ to enter or have permission from parents.

– One entry per person.


The winner will be chosen at random on November 22nd. Good luck everyone!

74 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] 100th Day of Girlsdaydaily! [CLOSED]

  1. Name/Location: Maya/Indonesia
    Twitter: @yoongabs
    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: I love them all in general, but my most favorite members are Minah and Hyeri :D
  2. Name/Location: Denise A/California, USA
    Twitter: @chibiDD
    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: Minah


  3. Name: Meghan
    Location: United States
    Twitter: @kpopx3saranghae
    Favorite Member: Honestly.. I really love them all. They have their own charms. :-;
  4. Ashihana/Malaysia


    Aww..its hard to pick since all of them are great!If I have to pick,I choose Minah and Haeri~
    All of them is the best!So good luck for the next project! and thnx f or the giveaway..

  5. Name/Location: Brittany – California, USA

    Twitter: @ELF__Shawol

    Favorite member in Girl’s Day:
    I love them all, but if I had to pick… hmm Yura and Minah!♥

  6. Name/Location: Lina, Rhode Island, USA

    Twitter: @Yayitsadollar

    Favorite member: Sojin I love her she’s my favorite but so are all the other members. GirlsDayDaily Fighting!!!

  7. Name/location: Wincy Canada
    Twitter: @lov3wincy
    Favourite member: I love them all but my fav is Minah!! So cute!! <3 I have been keeping my eyes on Girl's Day before they debut!!
  8. Name/Location: Imaa Ayu/Indonesia

    Twitter: @imaayu

    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: Five of them, also formers. but i love minah out of 5 remains.

  9. Name/Location: Fredrik/Sweden

    Twitter: AspZz

    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: All in all I love the whole group! But as a boy having a crush, I must say Yura
    . ^^

  10. Name/Location: Lisa Pham/UK
    Twitter: @_lisapham
    Favourite Member: Ofcourse our Beautiful and Talented Leader Sojin~! ^^
  11. Name/Location: jhane/philippines
    Twitter: @nomnommon
    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: leader sojin!:))

    happy 100th day and more power!:))

  12. Name/Location: Ruta, Lithuania (Europe)

    Twitter: @uniccorn

    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: All! but if one then it’s Minah <3

  13. Name/Location: Elodie/France
    Twitter: @SukieHime
    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: Jihae

    happy 100th day ! <3

  14. Name/Location: Nathaniel/USA

    Twitter: @nathaniel8D

    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: Minah! but I love Hyeri toooo~

  15. Name/Location: Christina Nguyen/CA, USA

    Twitter: Stinabeenana

    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: Minah,Sojin,Yura(;

  16. Name/Location: Connie/ USA

    Twitter: @gladiatorbunnyz

    Favorite member in Girl’s Day:

    i love all the members but if I had to choose it would be
    Sojin and Hyeri and Yura and Minah and Jihae

  17. name/location: Justin/Philippines

    twitter: JustinCee

    favorite member in girl’s day:

    My favorite member would be and always be MinAh cause she’s so freaking cute and adorable (and i love her personality too!).I would love to have this Maxim for remembrance :D so i pray that i’ll be the one lucky winner for this giveaway promo!

  18. Name: Loan
    Location: United States
    Twitter: @loanthuynh
    Fave Member: Minah

    I realized I made a mistake for my first entry, so I apologize.

  19. Name/Location: Chi / Philippines
    Twitter: SoJihYoung9
    Favorite member in Girl’s Day: Sojin and Hyeri ^_^

    I really hope to get the Maxim magazine.
    Because it’s really rare (or should I say impossible?! lol) to get any Girl’s Day stuff in my country.

    Happy 100th day girlsdaydaily!! :D

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