[Notice] Girl’s Day, revealed to be loyal readers of Girlsdaydaily!

We would like to share a special moment with the loyal readers of Girlsdaydaily.com.


As you may know Girl’s Day and their management have always shown their appreciation for the efforts of Girlsdaydaily.com. When Girlsdaydaily was first started the manager of Girl’s Day tweeted showing that she recognized it as a Girl’s Day site. As time went on, this blog teamed up with one of Dream Tea’s representatives; this is partly the reason for the continued success of the blog. It enabled us to connect with Girl’s Day in a more direct way.


Girlsdaydaily was granted the first Fan Interview with Girl’s Day and we are still anticipating their response. On October 8th, thanks to a broadcast it was made known that Girl’s Day knew of Girlsdaydaily and that it was a site dedicated to them. Recognition such as this has always driven this blog and motivated us to work that much harder to support and promote Girl’s Day.


Today all those efforts have truly been rewarded. Achel received an email today from the Dream Tea representative and she revealed the most wonderful news. Apparently, all the members of Girl’s Day, always look at the blog and they are thankful for its efforts.


This was a moment that had to be captured!


Much thanks to our loyal readers! We will continue to work hard to bring you the latest and the greatest Girl’s Day updates. We do this all for Girl’s Day and for their wonderful fans!

8 thoughts on “[Notice] Girl’s Day, revealed to be loyal readers of Girlsdaydaily!

  1. THAT IS SO GREAT!! GO GO GIRLS DAY! Congratulations! WOW HI GIRL”S DAY ♥ I’m so happy >.< YAY!!!! I hope we hear more from then! I am glad you worked so hard on this blog, keep up the excellent work! Fighting!
  2. Wow, that’s awesome. You guys do an amazing job with this site so it’s great you got a message like that.

    I love how Dream Tea and the girls interact with and reach out to international fans, much more so than most idol groups and their companies.

  3. wow, so girls day know about us…i am really excited now..girls day and girls day daily, love you guys!
  4. although the blog has been inactive for a a while, I’ll never stop being grateful towards everyone who contributed to this. thank you so much

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